Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 26 2023 4:00 pm

Posted on Fri, May 26, 2023

Please call 310-FIRE (3473) to report wildfires.
Wildfire Danger Rating
map 26 May
Fire Restriction banner
A Fire Restriction remains in effect. Visit for a map of the affected areas and details.


A fire restriction is in effect within the Forest Protection Area of Slave Lake. 

Under this fire restriction: 

  • Existing fire permits are suspended and no new fire permits will be issued

  • Safe wood campfires within fire rings in campgrounds are allowed
  • Essential burning may be allowed with written permission from a forest officer


  • Safe wood campfires (including charcoal briquettes) on private lands and in provincial campgrounds

  • Backyard fire pits, charcoal briquette barbeques
  • Propane/natural gas powered appliances 
  • Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor
  • Cooking, warming and lighting devices - all devices must be CSA approved and used as per manufacturer's standards


  • All outdoor wood fires are banned on public lands, including backcountry and random camping areas

  • The use of fireworks and exploding targets are also prohibited

The fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve. Firefighters thank you for your cooperation.

To view a map of the affected area visit

If you have questions about the fire restrictions please call 1-866-394-3473.

The OHV ban has been removed at this time for the Slave Lake Forest Area. Please use caution when recreating. Always carry firefighting equipment with you (fire extinguisher), a water vessel and shovel. Avoid idling on dry grass. 


For today, temperatures are expected to be 21-23 degrees and relative humidity will be 35 percent. The winds will be from the southeast at 10 kilometers per hour. There is a high chance of lightning today. 

Do not fly drones near wildfires


The use of recreational drones over wildfires in Alberta is dangerous, illegal and could result in a fine of up to $15,000* for putting aircraft and people at risk. Please give Alberta firefighters the space they need to do their jobs safely.

*according to Transport Canada


Aircraft pilots are reminded to check NOTAMs before flying into areas with active wildfires. Flying into a NOTAM area without prior authorization will cause disruption to aerial firefighting. 

Wildfire Situation 

SWF081 located at Chipewyan Lake is classified as burning out of control and is an estimated 19,499 hectares. Wildfire operations are being conducted by the Fort McMurray Forest Area. For information visit the Fort McMurray Forest Area Wildfire Update. If you have any questions regarding SWF081 please contact Wildfire Information Officer Emily Smith at 780-799-9253.

For evacuation information for Chipewyan Lakes and surrounding area. Visit

crew guard

Military heading out to the fireline May 26, 2023 

Saulteaux Complex – SWF085, SWF086 and SWF087 

These wildfires are located approximately five kilometres northwest of Smith and 30 kilometres east of the Town of Slave Lake. SWF086 is still classified as out of control at approximately 4,802 ha.

SWF085 (approx 39 ha) and SWF087 (appox 1,036 ha) have been classified as being held. Being held means that the fires are not expected to grow beyond established boundaries. 

Structure protection equipment is still in place along the Old Smith Highway and wildland firefighters with water trucks continue to work together with local Fire Departments patrolling for and extinguishing ground fires in the area. Firefighters are working along the wildfire perimeter extinguishing ground fires with pump and hose around residents homes along the Old Smith Highway. Heavy equipment has established guard all around the north excursion from earlier this week.  

Firefighters will be working to prevent spread west of the Otauwau River by creating fire guard with heavy equipment. Smoke will be present in the area but hotspots are being worked by helicopters actively bucketing along the perimeter. While ground crews continue to make up ground along the north and east side of the fire boundary. 

Evacuation alert information for the area can be found

Highway 2 is open. For the latest road conditions visit

Grizzly Complex - SWF057, SWF063, SWF064 

SWF-057 is located approximately 26 kilometres south of Kinuso and over 30 kilometers southwest of the Town of Slave Lake. The wildfire is classified as out of control and has burned an estimated 16,728 hectares. Firefighters continue to extinguish hotspots along Highway 33 and the south perimeter of the wildfire. 

SWF-063 is located approximately seven kilometers south of High Prairie and sixteen kilometers northwest of Swan Hills. The wildfire is classified as burning out of control and has burned an estimated 123,670 hectares. In the northwestern portion of the wildfire, firefighters continue to extinguish hotspots in the Banana Belt and East Prairie Metis Settlement areas. Heavy equipment will continue to build fire guard on the east side of the wildfire heading north towards High Prairie. More fire guard is being created with heavy equipment on the north end of fire preventing spread. Groups of dozers have established guard on the west side of SWF-063 preventing spread further west and will continue to work till the fire is contained. Heavy equipment has completed 85% of the fire guard on the southeast end of the wildfire and will continue. Helicopters are monitoring for smoke on the perimeter and will action flare-ups when they occur with water buckets. 

Visit for evacuation information for East Prairie Metis Settlement. 

Visit the Town of Swan Hills Facebook page for more evacuation information

SWF-064 is located over 40 kilometers northwest of Swan Hills. The wildfire is classified as out of control and has burned approximately 40,060 hectares. This wildfire has connected to SWF-063 to the north. Multiple heavy equipment groups are working on this wildfire preventing spread. 

There is a total of 68 firefighters, 22 support staff and 106 pieces of heavy equipment on the Saulteaux and Grizzly Complexes. Today, 21 helicopters will be conducting bucketing operations on major hotspot areas. In addition, 94 military personnel will be helping with transportation, safety, and various firefighting duties. 


Nipisi Complex aerial view May 26

Nipisi Complex - SWF059, SWF060, SWF083 

SW060 has combined with SW059 and is located 2.3 kilometres east of the border of the Whitefish Lake First Nation. This wildfire complex is now being held and has burned approximately 43,981 hectares. 

SWF083 is located on the east side of Muskwa Lake. Airtankers have established retardant lines around the entire wildfire. The wildfire is classified as being held at 33.7 hectares. Being held means under the current weather conditions, the wildfire is not anticipated to grow past expected boundaries. 

There are resources associated to this wildfire and helicopters are working on the Nipisi Complex monitoring for smokes within the wildfire perimeter. 
The Kimiwan Complex - SWF068 and PWF038 

SWF068 is located approximately six kilometres northwest of Peavine Metis Settlement. Firefighting operations are being conducted by the Peace River Forest Area. Peavine Metis Settlement remains under an evacuation order. Visit For more information on this wildfire visit the Peace River Wildfire Update.

Since January 1, 2023, in the Slave Lake Forest Area, there have been 87 wildfires which have burned 362,476.53 hectares.

Since January 1, 2023, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, there have been 524 wildfires which burned 1,035,578.33 hectares. 

To view wildfires on a map, download the AB Wildfire App or visit the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard

NOTE: The wildfire perimeter is an estimate based on measurements such as GPS, aerial scanning and satellite imagery. This estimated perimeter can change as more accurate measurements become available. Areas within the fire perimeter may not have been affected by wildfire.

Re-entry Information for Residents

We ask that residents stay out of areas that have been burned by the wildfires in the area. Wildfires will make the root systems of trees weak, and any amount of wind will affect the trees in the area. Falling trees will be an ongoing hazard and for residents’ safety you should avoid the burned-out areas.

Firefighters will be actively working on and around properties extinguishing hotspots, please give them the space they need to work.

There will be structure protection equipment on homes and infrastructure in the area. We ask that you do not move the equipment as it is in place to protect buildings on your property. Structure protection will remain in place until the wildfire threat has decreased.

Alberta Emergency Alert

A provincial state of emergency has been declared for Alberta. Critical alerts and advisories have been and could be issued for communities around active wildfires. Visit for details. Albertans who require assistance can also call 310-4455 for evacuation related information.

Be Prepared

Learn about wildfires and what you can do to be prepared. Visit

Road Closures

With the dynamic wildfire situation, highways could be closed with short notice. Visit for the latest information on road closures.

Travel not recommended on side roads around active wildfires

For your safety, travel on side roads around active wildfires is not recommended. Not only are there active fires in these areas there are also firefighting operations that could be delayed by your presence. Firefighters appreciate your cooperation.

Smoky Conditions

Anyone with health concerns should visit Alberta Health Services or call 811 for health advice from Alberta Health Link. Before travelling check for information the latest road conditions or closures. Visit to see where the smoke is coming from.

Reporting Wildfires

We have firefighters in aircraft working on the out of control wildfires and fire lookouts watching for smoke. While we always appreciate people calling in to report wildfires, the large volume of calls we are currently receiving is diverting our resources away from fighting wildfires. As always, please still call 310-FIRE if you see smoke or flame that looks new and potentially unreported, but assume that large columns of smoke and burned over areas have already been detected and reported.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers, equipment owners/operators or firefighters looking to assist with these wildfires or any of the wildfires within the province, please contact

wildfire app (2)

Wildfire Information

The wildfire dashboard provides up-to-date wildfire information at the click of a button. This interactive tool displays important statistics on the number of active wildfires in the province, sizes, locations, suspected causes and more. The dashboard builds on the former wildfire status map by displaying the most frequently accessed information in one convenient location.

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