Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Update - September 18th

Posted on Fri, Sep 18, 2020


Wildfire danger 

The wildfire danger has climbed to MODERATE in the Slave Lake Forest Area. 

Wildfire Update September 18, 2020

There was one new wildfire yesterday. A member of the public reported an abandoned campfire which was burning deep in the ground.Firefighters would like to remind everyone to extinguish their campfires. Soak it. Stir up the ashes and soak it again. A campfire is out when you can't feel heat with your bare hands.

Since March 1 in the Slave Lake Forest Area, there have been 62 wildfires which have burned a total of 269.5 hectares. 

For information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit

Fire permit

In the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, a fire permit is required for all types of burning, except for a cooking or warming fire. 

To request your free fire permit call your local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Office.

Slave Lake/Red Earth/Peerless/Trout 780-849-7377

Wabasca 780-891-3860

High Prairie 780-523-6619

Fire permits help us to track what is burning on the landscape. If you're burning without a fire permit or outside fire permit conditions, your fire is considered a wildfire. By getting a fire permit you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

Prevent wildfires

Albertans are always asked to use caution when working or recreating in the outdoors:  

Firefighters thank you for doing your part to prevent wildfires. 

OHV Poster

Unless conditions change you can expect your next wildfire update on September 23rd.

If you have any questions please contact:

Leah Lovequist

Wildfire Information Officer




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