Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Update - February 23rd, 2024 4:30pm

Posted on Fri, Feb 23, 2024


Current wildfire situation as of 4:30 pm Friday February 23, 2024

Wildland firefighters and members of local fire departments responded to three new wildfires today.

Photo:SWF004 February 23, 2024 at 3:30 pm

SWF003 located eight kilometres northwest of Swan Hills has been extinguished. The wildfire burned 0.31 hectares.

SWF004 is located approximately ten kilometres northeast of Snipe Lake. There are five wildland firefighters, members of the local fire department, one helicopter, two water trucks and a group of heavy equipment working on this wildfire. The wildfire is 214 hectares in size and is not threatening homes or communities. 

SWF005 is located approximately 13 kilometres southeast of Kinuso. There are two wildland firefighters, members of the local fire department and heavy equipment working on the wildfire. The wildfire is five hectares in size and is not threatening homes or communities.

To view the wildfires on a map, download the AB Wildfire App or visit the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard

If you have any questions please call Leah Lovequist, Wildfire Information Officer 780-849-0945.

Wildfire danger

Due to warm temperatures and strong gusty winds expected today, the wildfire danger in the Slave Lake Forest Area has climbed to MODERATE. 

Fire permit holders must postpone burning as the winds today will exceed the safe burning conditions.

Use caution when working or recreating outdoors as the lack of snow throughout the forest area poses a risk for new wildfire starts.  If you spot a wildfire, report it by calling 310-FIRE(3473).

Fire Advisory banner

A fire advisory is in effect for the Slave Lake Forest Area section of the Forest Protection Area due to strong and gusty winds expected and the abundance of exposed dry vegetation.

Under this advisory:

  • Existing fire permits are valid. Permit holder must follow the safe burning conditions outlined on the fire permit.
  • New fire permits will not be issued for non-essential heavy fuel burning such as machine-piled brush piles and windrows.
  • New fire permits will be issued on a case-by-case basis, for essential burning only.


  • Any burning without a valid fire permit, other than a campfire is prohibited.

Stay informed of fire restrictions and fire bans in your area by checking Alberta Firebans. 

early fire season - 2024

Wildfire season has started

Alberta’s wildfire season started early this year, on February 20th. The early start is due to the drought conditions occurring in many areas of the province, which could lead to elevated fire danger if we do not receive significant rain in the spring.

Please do your part to help prevent human caused wildfires by using caution in forested areas. Now’s the time to go back and check on any winter burn projects to make sure they are fully extinguished. 

Fire permits are required

From now until October 31, fire permits are required for any burning, except campfires, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.

Fire permits help us track what is burning on the landscape. If you are burning without a permit or not following permit conditions, your fire could be considered a wildfire and you could be fined and may be responsible for the costs of suppressing the fire. By getting a fire permit, you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

Fire permits are free and can be requested online. Visit to request your fire permit online.You may also request your fire permit by calling your local Forestry Office.

Wabasca 780-891-3860

Slave Lake 780-849-7377

High Prairie 780-523-6619   

check your winter burning shovel

Check your winter burns

Firefighters are urging anyone who has conducted winter burning to go back and ensure the fires are out. With the dry conditions last fall and lack of moisture in the ground, there is potential for fires lit this winter to continue to burn under the snow and re-emerge as wildfires in the spring.

When revisiting your winter burn site you should spread the remaining ashes and debris. Check the ground for any hotspots with your bare hands and feel deep below the surface for any lingering ground fire. Douse the area to fully extinguish the burn and stir up ashes with heavy equipment or hand tools. A fire is not fully out until the area is cold to the touch. 

If your winter burn remains active, promptly contact your local Forestry Office to request a fire permit. 

For information on brush pile and windrow safe burning practices click here.

Current wildfire situation 
Since January 1st, 2024, five wildfires have been reported in the Slave Lake Forest Area, resulting in a total burned area of 219.42 hectares.
The eight wildfires from the 2023 wildfire season remain under control.
Since January 1st, 2024, 19 wildfires have been reported in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, resulting in a total burned area of 14.65 hectares.

To view wildfires on a map, download the AB Wildfire App or visit the Alberta Wildfire Status Dashboard


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Wildfire information 

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