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Grande Prairie Forest Area Wildfire Update - July 7, 2024

Posted on Sun, Jul 07, 2024


The wildfire danger in the Grande Prairie Forest Area is VERY HIGH

The fire danger is expected to be very high to extreme across the Grande Prairie Forest area for the coming days. Daytime highs near 30 degrees Celsius combined with overnight lows near 14 degrees. Winds are expected to be 15-20 kilometers per hour and gusty at times.

Crossover conditions are expected. Crossover occurs when the relative humidity is lower than the temperature and this is an indicator of extreme wildfire behavior. In these conditions, a wildfire can still start easily and spread quickly.

Wildfire information

Since January 1, 2024, 36 wildfires have been reported in the Grande Prairie Forest Area burning nearly 176 hectares. All of the 2024 wildfires have been extinguished in the Grande Prairie Forest area.

2023 carryover wildfires

There is currently one carryover fire still from the 2023 wildfire season. GWF-018 2023 is listed as under control. Areas of this wildfire have remaining hotspots and are being monitored by firefighters.

Smoke from wildfires in the northern areas of the province and British Columbia is pushing south into the Grande Prairie area. is an online tool that tracks wildfire smoke. Visit this site to view where the smoke is coming from and how long it is expected to linger. If you have health related concerns, please call Health Link at 811.


Fire permits

Albertans can request a free fire permit by contacting your local forestry office or using the new, convenient online Fire Permit Portal. Anyone living outside the FPA can contact their municipality for information about local fire permit requirements.

 Forest Protection Area (FPA)

County West / Grovedale - (780) 814-1648 
Spirit River - (780) 814-1983
Valleyview - (780) 524-6576

View a video about fire permits by clicking here

Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) have exhaust systems that get hotter than 200°C. At these temperatures, built-up materials (such as grass, muskeg, moss, or other debris) can heat up, smoulder and ignite. These can fall to the ground as you are riding, starting a wildfire.

OHV wildfire prevention tips


Many homes have attached decks, which can spread fire directly to the home when ignited during a wildfire. The materials used to build the deck, combustible materials stored on and under the deck, and the vegetation around it all contribute to how vulnerable a deck will be to ignition during a wildfire. Decks are an important consideration because of their proximity to homes and buildings.

To learn more, check out this FireSmart fact sheet: DECKS & PORCHES


When wildfire danger is low to moderate, updates will be issued weekly. However, when the danger escalates to high or extreme levels, updates will be provided daily if fires are active and/ or out of control.

Expect your next wildfire update on July 8, 2024, unless conditions change.

Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer

(780) 832-7235


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