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Grande Prairie Area Update June 9, 2023

Posted on Fri, Jun 09, 2023


The wildfire danger for the Grande Prairie Forest Area is VERY HIGH.

A fire behavior advisory has been issued for the Grande Prairie forest area. New fires may be unsafe for direct attack tactics and any escaped fire will be difficult to control, even with air resources.

A high-pressure ridge has brought above seasonal temperatures and low relative humidity to many forest areas and recent precipitation and bucket operations are weakening. Containment lines that have not been controlled by ground personnel turning over and extinguishing hot spots may be vulnerable to breaching as winds increase ahead of the cold front passage. Call 310-FIRE to report wildfire.


Red Flag Watch

Wildfire Situation | June 7, 2023 

Since January 1, there have been 40 wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area (GPFA) burning over 136,000 hectares.

There are six wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area. Of these fires, three are classified as out of control (OC), one is being held (BH) and two  are under control (UC).  To see a map of the wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area and across the province please click here.

Find wildfire forecasts, weather maps and information about how fire danger is monitored in Alberta


GWF039 At this time, a crew with a helicopter bucketing are working on wildfire  (GWF039) located approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Grovedale. This wildfire is classified as out of control (OC) and is estimated to be 50 hectares in size.

Today weather is expected to be fair under an upper ridge; however, a weak low will develop over the region this afternoon, giving a risk of afternoon and early evening thundershowers near the BC border but should remain west of the GWF-039 location. A cold frontal trough associated with this low will develop over the northern slopes tonight, crossing the fire location overnight (3-5 AM). E-SE winds may gust up to 30 km/h today, but the strongest winds and gusts should be to the north and northeast of the fire location. 

GWF035 & GWF038 - Boone Lake Complex GCX002

The Boone Lake Complex is made up of two fires and the total area involved is 6,200 hectares. A team has been assigned to this complex. Currently, 50 firefighters along with heavy equipment, air tankers and a helicopter bucketing operations continue to work to contain this wildfire.

GWF035 is located 20km north of Valhalla Center near the northeast side of Boones Lake. This wildfire is estimated to be 1,200 hectares in size and is classified as Out Of Control (OC). Today crews and air tankers will be on north and south flank reinforcing the guard. An ignition specialist has been assigned to this wildfire and will be using hand ignition to burn out areas of the south border of unburnt areas to further contain the area from spreading south. 



GWF038  this fire is approximately 10km West of Deadwood Lake, in Township 77-10 and is moving east.  This fire is classified as out of control (OC) and estimated to be 5,000 hectares in size. We continue to monitor and look for opportunities for strategic action. This Wildfire is not responding well to suppression efforts. We will continue to utilize heavy equipment and aerial support to slow the spread.
Smoke may be visible in parts of the Grande Prairie Forest Area as two wildfires the Peavine Creek and the W KISKATINAW RIVER wildfire   remain classified as out of control. Currently, the Peavine Creek wildfire is currently being managed by a BC Incident Management Team and within 1km of the Alberta border. Alberta Wildfire will continue to work closely with BC Wildfire and the County of Grande Prairie to ensure Alberta is prepared should this wildfire cross the border. For more information please visit BC wildfires of note here.

HERC Tanker 2023



This wildfire is currently classified as out of control (OC). For more information about this fire please visit the Peace River Forest Area Update


GWF027 & GWF040 - Eagle Complex WCX001

GWF040 is classified as out of control (OC) and is estimated to be 3.0 hectares in size. GWF 027 This wildfire is classified as out of control (OC) and is now part of the Eagle Complex which is being managed by the Whitecourt Forest Area. For the most recent updates visit the Whitecourt Forest Area Update.  


GWF017 & GWF023, GWF019 - Sturgeon Lake Complex GCX001

The Sturgeon Lake Complex is made up of three fires and the total area involved is 28,802 hectares.  With windy weather, an increase of smoke from interior areas of the wildfires and along the perimeter may become more visible. Helicopters with buckets will action these areas and firefighters will continue to extinguish ground fires.

The interior of active wildfires can flare up as previously unburnt vegetation catches fire. This is a normal occurrence. Firefighters are monitoring these active fires and are working to put out hot spots. There is no need to report flame or smoke in these areas. 

As of June 1, 2023 the status of the wildfires within the Sturgeon Lake Complex has been updated to under control. Under control means that suppression efforts have ensured the wildfire will not spread any further. Firefighters remain on alert for new wildfires and continue to monitor those under control.

GWF017 is estimated to be 5,752 hectares in size and classified as under control (UC).

GWF023 is estimated to be 3,869 hectares in size and classified as under control (UC).



GWF019 - Bald Mountain Fire is 19,435 hectares in size and classified as being held (BH). This fire is approximately 17 km west of Highway 40. This wildfire has been determined to be a lightning cause fire.

Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism, in its mandate to prevent and suppress wildfires within the province is required to reclaim disturbed forest land caused by wildfire suppression operations.  Wildfire reclamation is required to prevent or reduce the potential of soil erosion and ensure soil stabilization on or near the fire line.

The wildfire perimeter is an estimate based on measurements such as GPS, aerial scanning and satellite imagery. This estimated perimeter can change as more accurate measurements become available. Areas within the fire perimeter may not have been affected by wildfire.



Depending on the location of a wildfire, firefighting aircraft may need to use water from nearby lakes as a source of water to help fight wildfires. Often, these aircraft arrive without advanced warning. If you are in the water and see an aircraft coming in to collect water, please move within 30 m from the shore so these aircraft can safely resume firefighting efforts. Aircraft are large and require space to collect water, without interference from people and boats. Help us by staying out of the way when aircraft are around. Click here to learn more.


A FIRE RESTRICTION is now in effect. Report wildfires by calling 310-FIRE (3473).

Fire Restriction wide-1


  • All outdoor wood fires in backcountry and random camping areas on public land
  • Charcoal briquettes in backcountry and random camping areas on public land
  • The use of fireworks and exploding targets
  • Wood campfires on private land and in designated campgrounds
  • Charcoal briquettes on private land and in designated campgrounds
  • Propane/natural gas-powered appliances
  • Open flame oil devices (e.g., turkey deep fryers, tiki torches)
  • Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor
  • All appliances must be CSA approved and used per manufacturer’s standards
Please visit to view a map of the impacted area. This fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve across the province.
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For more information:

Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer

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