Grande Prairie Area Update

Grande Prairie Forest Area Wildfire Update - July 20, 2024 p.m.

Posted on Sat, Jul 20, 2024


The wildfire danger in the Grande Prairie Forest Area is EXTREME.

A Red Flag Watch remains in effect due to extreme temperatures and elevated winds.  A Red Flag Watch is issued in advance of critical fire danger.

Strong east winds of 25 km/h, gusting to 40-50 km/h, are expected in the area tomorrow. Windy conditions can contribute to the spread of fires by carrying burning debris and embers over long distances, which can ignite new fires far from the original source. Fires in areas with plenty of dry vegetation, such as in a mature grassland or on a forest floor, will be difficult to control under windy conditions.

Firefighters remain on alert for new wildfires and continue to monitor existing ones. For more information on the current wildfire situation, visit Alberta Wildfire Status

For an accurate forecast of wildfire smoke, go to FIRESMOKE CANADA for hourly ground-level concentration of smoke particles from wildfires.

Red Flag Watch

Wildfire Information

Since January 1, 2024, 53 wildfires have been reported in the Grande Prairie Forest Area burning nearly 182.20 hectares.  

Today, the Grande Prairie Forest Area received intense lightning resulting in multiple wildfire starts throughout the day.  As of 7 p.m. 12 new wildfires have been reported. At this time, the area has 8 active wildfires, three are listed as under control, four are listed as being held and one is listed as out of control. At this time all fires remain small, and no control issues are anticipated. 

GCU010 and GCU011 - Alberta Wildfire provided assistance to the County of Grande Prairie with two wildfires south of range Road 51 on the north bank of the Wapiti River. For updates on this wildfire check here.

GCU009 - Alberta wildfire is assisting Saddle Hills County with a wildfire located 11 kilometers southwest of Spirit River. At this time, there is no threat to homes or structures in Saddle Hills County. For more information check out

310-FIRE  flames trees

FireBan Video

A fire ban is in effect for the entire Forest Protection Area of Alberta, including the Grande Prairie Forest Area, due to hot and dry conditions.

Cities, towns, villages and summer villages, as well as federal lands (such as national parks), are exempt from this ban. These jurisdictions have the authority to issue their own bans and may have complementary bans in place.

Alberta Parks implements fire bans in provincial parks and recreation areas. For information on current bans within the provincial parks, visit

If you are found in violation of the ban, you could be fined up to $5,000 and held liable for all firefighting costs associated with an unintended wildfire. 

Visit Alberta Fire Bans to see if a fire ban or restriction is in place in your area.

Fire Ban wide

Under this fire ban:

  • All fire permits are suspended or cancelled.

  • No new fire permits will be issued.

  • Some allowances can be made for essential agricultural and industrial burning, if approved by a forest officer.


  • All outdoor wood fires, including wood campfires on public land, private land, designated campgrounds, and backyard firepits.

  • Barbeque charcoal briquettes.

  • Fireworks and exploding targets.


  • Propane/ natural gas-powered appliances.

  • Indoor wood fires inside a structure (such as a facility, building, tent or RV) and contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor.

  • Open flame oil devices (such as deep fryers and tiki torches). All devices must be CSA approved and used per manufacturer’s standards.

The fire ban will remain in effect until conditions improve.

Smoke is an online tool that tracks wildfire smoke. Visit this site to view where the smoke is coming from and how long it is expected to linger. If you have health related concerns, please call Health Link at 811.

When extreme heat and wildfire smoke events occur simultaneously, health risks from heat are more dangerous. Keeping cool should always be your priority.

Read more about combined wildfire smoke and heat risks.




Choosing the correct fire-resistant plants and materials can bring curb appeal and also help reduce your wildfire risk. FIRE-RESISTANT LANDSCAPING FOR YOUR HOME


When wildfire danger is low to moderate, updates will be issued weekly. However, when the danger escalates to high or extreme levels, updates will be provided daily if fires are active and/ or out of control.

Expect your next wildfire update on July 19, 2024, unless conditions change.

Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer

(780) 832-7235


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