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Rocky Forest Area - Wildfire Update August 1

Posted on Wed, Aug 01, 2018


The wildfire danger is LOW across the Rocky Forest Area

WILDFIRE SITUATION  |  August 1, 2018   |   7:30pm 

Rocky Forest Area

  • RWF-045: This wildfire is located in the Siffleur Wilderness Area. The wildfire is currently 570 hectares in size. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is working closely with Alberta Parks to fight this wildfire. This map indicates the current location of the wildfire and the containment boundary for growth.

  • Please note the Kootenay Ecological Reserve and Siffleur Wilderness Area are CLOSED due to proximity to the wildfire. The Siffleur Falls trailhead and staging area are OPEN to the public. Public access is limited to the footbridge on the trail. Please visit Alberta Parks for alternative trail options.


  • Since March 1, 2018 there have been 47 fires in the Rocky Forest Area that have burned a total of 579.56 hectares.

Provincial Situation

  • Since March 1, 2018, Alberta has recorded 1017 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area that have burned a total of 50,168.13 hectares. 

If you are heading out camping this long weekend remember to check AlbertaFireBans for the latest up-to-date information on fire bans across the province. Download the mobile app today for apple and android.  
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