Peace River Area Update

Peace River Forest Area Wildfire Update - April 28, 2022

Posted on Thu, Apr 28, 2022


Some areas of the Peace River Forest Area have received rainfall but others still remain dry. Dry grass and fine fuels continue to create potential for concern in areas that have received less precipitation.

Areas of exposed dry grass and fine fuels are a concern and any spark, friction or hot exhaust can easily start a wildfire, even when the temperatures are cooler. Ensure you adhere to your burn permit, never burn in windy conditions, and always extinguish your campfire.

The fire danger in the Peace River Forest Area is MODERATE. 



Fire Permit Online

You can now request your fire permit online through a new online portal. During wildfire season, fire permits are required for any burning in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, except for campfires.

Fire permits are free and help us track what is burning on the landscape. If you're burning without a fire permit or outside fire permit conditions, your fire is considered a wildfire. By getting a permit before burning, you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

To request a fire permit online, visit the new portal. You will need a MyAlberta Digital ID to access the portal. Please note that you can still request your permit from the Peace River forest office by calling 780-624-6190.

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Download the Alberta Wildfire app today and get access to accurate, real-time information on wildfires in your area. You can also find information on fire advisories, restrictions and bans across the province and much more all on your mobile device.

Available for Apple and Android.

Before heading out, please check to determine whether there are any fire advisories, fire restrictions or fire bans in effect for your destination.



Contact information:

Peace Wildfire Information Officer

Michelle Huley

Phone: (780) 618-2081