Lac La Biche Area Update

LOW Wildfire Danger - Lac La Biche Forest Area Wildfire Update - August 22, 2020

Posted on Fri, Aug 21, 2020


The wildfire danger rating in the Lac La Biche Forest Area is LOW.

Cooler temperatures and precipitation for Saturday have helped to lower the wildfire danger rating to LOW.  Wind and lightning are still in the forecast, however we are looking at cooler temperatures and rain on Saturday and Sunday.

We had three new wildfires today. All the wildfires are either extinguished or under control.

We have had 95 wildfires this season in the Lac La Biche forest area.

For more information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit

OHV Tips

If you choose to drive an off-highway vehicle in Alberta’s forested areas please remember:

  • OHV exhausts can get very hot, reaching temperatures of over 200 Celsius, causing debris caught near the exhaust to become superheated. This debris can potentially start a wildfire when it falls to the ground.
  • It is crucial for Albertans to stop and check OHVs and the ground for any debris that may have fallen.
  • Before you ride, clean any debris that has built up near the exhaust and muffler, under the seat, in wheel wells and around the engine.
  • Always carry a small fire extinguisher, a collapsible shovel and water. These tools can help extinguish a wildfire and safely dispose of hot debris.

Hunters, berry pickers and late season campers - please extinguish campfires before you leave them.

Safe campfire

Thanks for doing your part to prevent wildfire. 

For more information, please contact: 

Leslie Lozinski

Wildfire Information Officer





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