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Fort McMurray Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 04, 2022

Posted on Wed, May 04, 2022


The fire danger in the Fort McMurray Forest Area is low. As the snow melts, dry grass and vegetation is exposed and increases the risk of a fast moving wildfire.

Use caution when spending time in forested areas, especially on dry and windy days. If you are riding an OHV, stop regularly to check your hotspots, which can cause dry grass to ignite.

Last year, 33% of wildfires in the Fort McMurray Forest Area were caused by residents and recreationalists.



Alberta Wildfire will be conducting a hazard reduction burn on the Fort McMurray First Nation on May 4 and May 5. Eight hectares will be burned on May 4 and five additional hectares burned on May 5. The Fort McMurray First Nation is located south of Gregoire Lake along Highway 881. Motorists travelling on Highway 881 should be prepared for the potential of reduced visibility due to smoke. Smoke may also be visible from Highway 881.

A hazard reduction burn is a planned, controlled burning of high-hazard vegetation conducted by highly trained professional firefighters. Burning will only begin when conditions are within the established burning prescription window. Firefighters will manage and monitor this burn until it’s fully extinguished.

Fire Permit Online


You can now request your fire permit online through a new online portal. During wildfire season, fire permits are required for any burning in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, except for campfires.

Fire permits are free and help us track what is burning on the landscape. If you're burning without a fire permit or outside fire permit conditions, your fire is considered a wildfire. By getting a permit before burning, you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

To request a fire permit online, visit the new portal. You will need a MyAlberta Digital ID to access the portal. Please note that you can still request your permit from the Fort McMurray forest office by calling 780-743-7125.

Wildfire Dashboard


The new wildfire dashboard provides up-to-date wildfire information at the click of a button. This interactive tool displays important statistics on the number of active wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, sizes, locations, suspected causes and more.

The dashboard builds on the former wildfire status map by displaying the most frequently accessed information in one convenient location.



Spring is a great time to apply FireSmart principles to your property. Protecting your home from wildfire starts with simple actions. Whether you are doing regular yard maintenance or making large scale changes during renovations or landscaping, you can make choices that will help protect your home from wildfire.

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We urge everyone to use caution when working and recreating outdoors. Never leave your campfire unattended.

Soak it, stir it, soak it again.

  • Let the fire burn down before you plan on putting it out. Spread the embers within the fire pit, then add water or loose dirt, and stir.

  • Expose any material still burning. Add more water and stir again until you can no longer see smoke or steam. Do not bury your fire as the embers may continue to smoulder and can re-emerge as a wildfire.

  • Repeat until your campfire is cool to the touch.

  • If your fire is out, you should not be able to feel any heat from the ashes.


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