Edson Area Update

Edson Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 10, 2024

Posted on Fri, May 10, 2024


Use extreme caution if you are doing any work that will produce a spark, friction or hot exhaust. This includes grinding, welding and operating heavy equipment. Wildfires will catch easily and burn quickly under these conditions.

If you are working in the forest protection area, ensure you have sufficient firefighting equipment as per the Forest Prairie and Protection Act.

If you see smoke or flame in the forest and suspect it's a wildfire, call 310-FIRE.

This update is best viewed on a web browser or the AB Wildfire Status App | To view previous Edson Forest Area Updates - Click here. Bold indicates new or important information.

34 May 10 Extreme DangerFire danger signs are established around most communities and major travel corridors to inform the public. Today, the danger in our area is EXTREME. To learn more about fire danger levels, click on this link and scroll to the Fire Danger section. (May 10, 2024)


The wildfire danger in the Edson Forest Area is now EXTREME across the whole forest area. This means that forest fuels are extremely dry and pose a very serious fire risk. Fast-spreading, high-intensity fires are likely, which are very difficult to control.

FARMING COMMUNITY | We kindly ask that you consider the following:

  • Plan your high risk operations early in the morning when dew and humidity is higher in the dead grass and dry vegetation. Keep in mind that peak burning periods in our forest area are roughly between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.
  • Start from your headland (outer edge of the field) and work your way in. In the event a rock is struck and a spark is produced, the wildfire will be less likely to have vegetation to consume and easier to slow the spread.
  • Ensure you clear all combustible materials away from points of ignition. Near heat shields, exhausts and wheel wells.
  • Keep watch of your surroundings when working, you could accidently start a wildfire. Carry sufficient firefighting equipment and have a water source nearby.

To learn more on how you can protect your property from wildfire, view the Farm and Acreage Magazine.

Since January 1, 2024, there have been 31 wildfires in the Edson Forest Area burning a total of 78 hectares (ha). 

We ask that residents use extreme caution when working outdoors and keep watch of your surroundings. Sparks, hot exhaust or friction can ignite a wildfire in the exposed dry grass and vegetation.

Do not leave your campfire unattended and ensure you fully extinguish it before you leave the site. An abandoned campfire can start a wildfire and under these conditions, will burn quickly. 

Visit our website and click on the interactive map to view active wildfires, their locations and stats on the wildfire dashboard


WCU001 is a mutual aid wildfire and classified as UNDER CONTROL, estimated to be 2.7 ha in size and located 0.8 km north of highway 16 and 1 km east of Evansburg. Large sawdust piles had ignited and are currently smoldering, making control difficult. Firefighters continue to extinguish the piles. For additional information, please visit ParklandCounty.com.

EWF015 is classified as UNDER CONTROL. This means that the wildfire is completely contained and will be extinguished. The wildfire is estimated to be 60 ha in size. Firefighters will continue to monitor this wildfire until they are confident it's fully extinguished. Visit TC Energy's website for additional information by following this linkThis wildfire does not pose a threat to any community. The cause of the wildfires remain under investigation.

CLASSIFICATIONS: To learn more about wildfire classifications, click here.

LOCATIONS: To view this wildfire on our interactive map, click here and follow the active wildfire link. 


Since January 1, 2024 in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, there have been 294 wildfires burning a total of 9,2448 ha. 

Last year on this date, there had been 417 wildfires that burnt a total of 461,147 ha. In the past 5 years on this date, an average of 254 wildfires burnt an average of 92,680 ha.


Fire Advisory banner

A fire advisory is in effect the majority of the Edson Forest Area. 
Although the fire danger is LOW across much of southern Alberta, this fire advisory is in place as a precautionary measure.  
Under this advisory:
- Existing fire permits remain valid, but extension requests may not be granted.
- New permits will be issued on a case-by-case basis.
- Campfires are allowed in both designated campgrounds and random camping areas. 
- Fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited.
We encourage any landowners who have done burning over the winter and that have had past fire permits to revisit the burn location to ensure these fires are fully extinguished.
The fire advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve or further escalation is required.

Fire Ban banner

A fire ban is in effect for the north western parts of the Grande Cache area.

A fire ban is in place for the Grande Prairie Forest Area and north of Grande Cache due to dry conditions and expected weather.
Under this ban:
- All existing fire permits are suspended (or cancelled)
- No new fire permits will be issued
- All outdoor wood fires are banned, including wood campfires on public lands, wood campfires on private land and provincial campgrounds
- Backyard firepits
- BBQ charcoal briquettes
- The use of fireworks and exploding targets
- Propane/natural gas-powered appliances
- Open flame oil devices (e.g., turkey deep fryers, tiki torches)
- Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor
- All appliances must be CSA approved and used per manufacturer’s standards
The fire ban will remain in effect until conditions improve.
If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE.

Stay informed on fire restrictions and fire bans in your area by checking www.albertafirebans.ca.

To learn more about the Alberta Fire Ban System, check out our video.


While it may feel like summer isn't here yet, the chance of a wildfire is very real. Wildfires can start anytime of year if the conditions are right.

Here are a few tips that will help ensure a safe campfire:

  • Never leave your campfire unattended. Before you leave your campfire, ensure you fully extinguish it by soaking the ashes, stirring them and soaking them again until they are cool to the touch.
  • Choose a safe site that is out of the wind and on bare mineral ground. Ensure that sparks can't fly into nearby dry fuels or grass. A spark will fly farther then you think.
  • Ensure you have sufficient firefighting equipment including water near by. Don't take chances. A spark in dry grass will ignite easily and spread very quickly if the wind is present. 
  • Remember to visit albertafirebans.ca before heading out to find the latest information about fire bans across the province.

Alberta Wildfire typically sees an increase in human-caused wildfires during the spring and during the long weekends so do your part and prevent wildfires.

Safe campfire


All burning within the Forest Protection Area of Alberta requires a burn permit, with the exception of campfire. You can get your free fire permit by applying online or contact your local forest area office at (780) 723-8527 or you can request your permit using the online fire permit portal.

We ask that you plan ahead, there may be delays for a forest officer to visit your site. For more information regarding fire permits, you can view our video by clicking here.


More so than ever before, Canadians are feeling the direct and indirect impacts of wildfire. There is a growing need for FireSmart education. FireSmart Canada has developed a FREE one-hour course for those who are getting started with FireSmart and want to learn more. Follow this link to learn more. 


Albertans are always asked to use caution when working or recreating in the outdoors:



For more information, please contact:  

Caroline Charbonneau, RPFT
Alberta Forestry & Parks | AB Wildfire
Wildfire Information Officer | Edson Forest Area
Cell:  780-740-1341
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Terry Abu Al-Soud
Alberta Forestry & Parks | AB Wildfire
Seasonal Wildfire Information Officer | Edson Forest Area
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