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Calgary Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 17, 2021

Posted on Mon, May 17, 2021



Several days of very warm and dry conditions has pushed the wildfire danger to VERY HIGH

Fire Advisory 2

As of 1 p.m. on Monday, May 17, the Calgary Forest Area is under a FIRE ADVISORY.  This is due to several days of very warm and dry conditions combined with very strong winds and little or no precipitation in the forecast. Under this advisory, current fire permits are still active, but no new fire permits will be issued.  The FIRE ADVISORY will be in effect until conditions improve.  Campfires are currently allowed, but may be restricted in comings days if conditions continue to deteriorate.


In the past week, wildland firefighters from the CFA responded to five wildfires. The largest was 0.8 hectares. All five have been extinguished and remain under investigation.

There is currently one wildfire in the CFA, the Devil's Head Wildfire (CWF-156).

This wildfire is from the 2020 wildfire season and remains classified as under control at 2420 ha. It is located in a remote area of the Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park. When appropriate, this wildfire will be scanned for any active areas and actioned accordingly.

Burned areas should be avoided as they present a safety hazard due to standing dead or damaged trees that can fall without warning.


Before heading our on your long weekend travels, please check to determine whether there are any fire advisories, fire restrictions or fire bans in effect for your destination.  If you plan on having a campfire, keep it small, safe and always attended.  When you are leaving your site or headed to bed, your campfire must be fully extinguished. Soak it, stir it, soak it again to ensure it is out.

Off highway vehicles can start wildfires.  Please stop often to clean your exhaust to ensure you are not the cause of a wildfire.  Stay on approved trails and follow all guidelines.

Please remember that exploding targets are prohibited in the Forest Protection Area without express written permission from a forest officer.  These devices have already caused several wildfires this year.  Using exploding targets without permission could land you a $600 fine and if you cause a wildfire, you could also be held responsible for the costs of fighting the wildfire.

Campfire Ad HI RES


As of March 1, fire permits are required for any burning, except campfires, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. By getting a permit you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard. Under the current FIRE ADVISORY, current fire permits are still active, however no new permits will be issued until conditions improve.


The following information is current as of 10:00a.m. on May 17.
  • There are currently 13 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. One of these wildfires is classified as being held, seven are under control and five have been turned over to the responsible party.
  • Fire Danger Rating (Fire Weather Index): High to extreme in the east slopes and moderate to low elsewhere in the province.
  Historical wildfire statistics (as of 10:00 a.m. May 17):


5 Year Average

March 1 to Today’s Date


Last Year

March 1 to Today’s Date


This Year

March 1 to Today’s Date


Number of Wildfires




Area Burned (ha)




Area Burned numbers may fluctuate as size estimates are updated with more accurate GPS information.

Agriculture and Forestry has recently assisted with wildfires outside of the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.

  • WCU-002 – This wildfire is located outside of the Forest Protection Area in Parkland County near the town of Tomahawk. Mutual aid assistance was requested on May 6. 29 wildland firefighters and support staff are working on this wildfire today. 18,500 feet of hose has also been provided to Parkland County. Parkland County has requested assistance for high volume water delivery through the Wildfire Management Branch. Fire and Flood has installed 4 inch pipe to priority hot spots and will continue to install line where it’s required today. FP Innovations will be documenting the procedures and effectiveness of this process for research purposes.
  • LCU-003 – This wildfire is located outside of the Forest Protection Area in the County of Thorhild. Mutual aid assistance was requested on May 15. Nine wildland firefighters are responding to this wildfire today.

Unless conditions change, you can expect your next update on May 18, 2021.


Calgary Forest Area Information Officer



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