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Calgary Forest Area Wildfire Update December 9, 2021

Posted on Thu, Dec 09, 2021


Gathering around a real Christmas tree your family has chosen and harvested from our public forests is a cherished Alberta tradition. To cut your own Christmas tree from Alberta’s public forests, you will require a Personal Use Forest Products Permit, or PUFPP. The PUFPP allows you to harvest up to three Christmas trees from designated areas on Crown land.  There is no cost to get a PUFPP and you can easily obtain it online.

Your PUFPP only allows harvesting in designated areas. Even within these designated areas, there are some sites that are off-limits. They include within 30 metres of a stream or river, and within 100 metres of a lake. You cannot harvest a Christmas tree from facilities such as roadside turnouts, viewpoints or recreation areas or campgrounds.

Harvesting Christmas trees in Alberta provincial parks and recreation areas is strictly prohibited and carries a large fine. The only exception is designated areas in Cypress Hills Provincial Park and the Castle parks with a valid permit from Alberta Parks.


  • Each tree you harvest must be less than 2.5 metres tall, or about eight feet.
  • You will need to have a screenshot, emailed or printed copy of your permit with you at all times when harvesting and transporting your Christmas trees.
  • This permit is strictly for personal use, with no re-sale allowed.
  • Do not cut the tops of trees that are taller than 2.5 metres to use as your tree.

If you’re planning to head out to harvest your own tree, be sure to obtain your permit early; you may require technical assistance or have other questions. Lastly, be safe! Let someone know when you are heading out, where you plan to cut, and what time you plan to be back. Cell service can be unreliable in the forest, and the snow can be much deeper than at home. Road conditions are variable; take extra winter clothing and emergency supplies.

For more information or to obtain a Personal Use Forest Products Permit (PUFPP) to cut your own Christmas tree, visit

Tree Cutting Permit


Wildfire CWF-170 is classified as UNDER CONTROL at 37 hectares. It is located on the west side of Highway 22, about 2 km south of Highway 533 and approximately 2.5 km southwest of Chain Lakes Provincial Park.


Updates will only be posted and distributed over the winter months if warranted. The 2022 wildfire season will begin March 1, 2022 and you can expect regular updates to resume then.


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