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Electronic Disposition System Enhancement to support First Nations Consultation for Public Lands

Posted on Wed, Aug 22, 2012

The Electronic Dispositions System (EDS) has been enhanced to electronically create and manage First Nations Consultation (FNC) case files related to public land. The target date for implementation is Friday, September 7, 2012.

Proponents seeking direction on lands FNC assessment requests and adequacy decisions will be required to use the enhanced EDS.

The system will create new FNC files, forward FNC Assessment Requests and consultation documents to ESRD for review, and will notify clients of ESRD direction and decisions as the FNC case file is processed. Users are able to save work in progress and return later to complete and submit work.

Proponents can apply security to their consultative case files by managing client IDs around the companies that work on their behalf.

Proponents with an account in EDS will be able to create a FNC case file. Proponents without an EDS account must fill out the account request form on the ESRD website under the heading User Ids And Client Id For Access To Industry Online Services. Be aware that it can take up to 10 working days to receive access.

At time of disposition application through EDS for new dispositions or amendments using the new FNC EDS process, proponents will only be required to provide the FNC number. A decision document will no longer be required to be attached. The system will validate that the FNC number provided belongs to that correct company, is for the same dispositions type, and that a decision has been issued to allow the processing of the disposition application.

For paper applications and amendments, all forms will be updated to include a space for entry of the FNC number. These FNC numbers will be manually validated by department staff.

EDS will also be enhanced for both EFR and EAP modules with an FNC input box so proponents will have the opportunity to include the FNC number if consultation is completed.

Consultation that is currently in progress can continue as per the previous procedures. Land-use applications will recognize these FNC case file numbers.

Watch for a User Manual that will be available on the Lands First Nations Consultation website.

See the EDS site for more detailed information on the new FNC process.

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