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Whitecourt Forest Area Wildfire Update - October 10, 2020

Posted on Sat, Oct 10, 2020


Wildfire Update - October 10, 2020

The wildfire danger rating for the Whitecourt Forest Area is LOW.

There are currently three wildfires burning in the Whitecourt Forest Area

  • WWF-035 - This wildfire is currently under control at 0.87 hectares in size.
  • WWF-036 - This wildfire is currently under control at 3.91 hectares in size. There are nine firefighters and two helicopters fighting the fire. 
  • WWF-037 - This wildfire is currently under control and is 0.5 hectares in size.

Since March 1, there have been 39 wildfires in the Whitecourt Forest Area, burning a total of 10.13 hectares. 

For more information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit wildfirestatus.alberta.ca.

Help Prevent Wildfires 

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While out hunting and recreating, please remember to use caution in the forest. During the fall, dry grass and branches can be ignited into a wildfire when campfires aren't properly extinguished. If you have a campfire remember to soak it with water, stir it and soak it again. The fire isn't out until it is cool to the touch.

Please visit AlbertaFireBans.ca for a map of the affected area.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 1-866-394-3473




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