Whitecourt Area Update

Whitecourt Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 29, 2024

Posted on Wed, May 29, 2024


The wildfire danger for the Whitecourt Forest Area is LOW. Precipitation has continued over the week suppressing the wildfire danger. It has also helped to speed along green-up across the area.

Fire can still ignite but is not expected to spread to deeper vegetation layers or larger fuels, such as trees.

The Fire Advisory for the Whitecourt Forest Area has been lifted.

If you see smoke or flame in the forest please call 310-FIRE (3473). 

For a map of the restriction boundary, visit AlbertaFireBans.ca.

Since January 1st, 2024, there have been 24 wildfires in the Whitecourt forest area burning a total of 19 hectares (ha).
There are currently NO active wildfires in the Whitecourt Forest Area. 
LOCATIONS: To view wildfires on our interactive map, click here and follow the active wildfire link. 

Safe campfire



  • Let the fire burn down before you plan on putting it out. Spread the embers within the fire pit, then add water or loose dirt, and stir.

  • Expose any material still burning. Add more water and stir again until you can no longer see smoke or steam. Do not bury your fire as the embers may continue to smolder and can re-emerge as a wildfire.

  • Repeat until your campfire is cool to the touch.

  • If your fire is out, you should not be able to feel any heat from the ashes

  • Alberta wildfire typically sees an increase in human-caused wildfires during long weekends.




When operating equipment, clear debris from moving parts, check your muffler and keep equipment in good repair. Do not operate equipment in tall grass. Keep watch of your surroundings and ensure you have sufficient firefighting equipment and water available. Equipment fires or work-related sparks, friction and hot exhaust can cause even small amounts of dry vegetation to ignite into a wildfire.

If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE. 

farm mowing


Your actions today can minimize wildfire damage to your home and property tomorrow. Visit the new FireSmart Alberta site to learn how taking proactive FireSmart measures around your house and yard can increase your property's resistance to wildfire.

Download the Farm and Acreage Guide to Reducing the Risk From Wildfire for additional information.

A look behind the scenes with Alberta Wildfire

Smoke investigation

Smoke detection flights are often conducted by Alberta Wildfire in the Whitecourt Forest Area. A crew will lift off to check the area for fire or smoke if it is a *higher hazard* day. Often, pilots and Helitack crews will check for new fire starts after a lightning storm. In places that can be hard to reach, aerial patrols are often used to locate potential wildfires. Additionally, they are equipped to land and fight wildfires if they come across them. 

*High hazard: High: Forest fuels are dry and fire risk is serious. Conditions may be challenging for fire suppression efforts.*


 For more information, please contact: 

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Wildfire Information Officer

 Randi-Marie Adams

(780) 706-5336

Email: randi.adams@gov.ab.ca





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