Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Update- May 23, 2022

Posted on Mon, May 23, 2022


Wildfire Danger Tuesday May 24

The wildfire danger continues to be HIGH for the majority of the Slave Lake Forest Area.

Firefighters urge everyone to use caution in areas of dead grass. Areas of dead grass will ignite easily and fire will spread quickly under these dry and windy conditions. Report wildfires by calling 310-FIRE(3473).

Cooler temperatures for areas north of Lesser Slave Lake are expected tomorrow thus the wildfire danger will be MODERATE as indicated on map below.






For Monday temperatures will be 18-19 degrees and winds will be from the northeast 15 kilometres per hour. Isolated thunderstorms with lightning are expected again in the late afternoon.

For Tuesday temperatures will be 13-17 degress and winds will be from the northeast 10 kilometres per hour for areas north of Lesser Slave Lake and southwest 10-15 kilometres per hour for areas south of the lake. Isolated thunderstorms with lightning are expected.

On Alert

Fire lookouts are on high alert constantly watching for smoke and firefighters in helicopters, airtankers and various pieces of heavy equipment are ready to respond to any new wildfires that may start.

Wildfire Situation

Firefighters responded to and extinguished three new wildfires today.  All three wildfires were human caused- abandoned campfire, burning with out a fire permit and cause is under investigation.

Photo of SWF024, 2022 - Abandoned campfire which was extinguished by firefighter patrolling. Location was backcountry campsite in the Fawcette Lake area.

Do your part to prevent wildfires. When leaving your campsite, make sure your campfire is exinguished. Soak it, stir up the ashes and soak it again. The campfire is out when there is no heat eminating from the ashes.

Since January 1st, 2022 in the Slave Lake Forest Area, there have been 24 wildfires which have burned 166.87 hectares. 

SWF099 located northeast of Chipewyan Lakes which occurred in 2021 remains under control and will be scanned for hotspots in the spring when the snow has melted.

Since January 1st, 2022 in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, there have been 316 wildfires which burned a total of 483.19 hectares.  

For more information or to view the wildfires on a map, download the AB Wildfire App or visit Wildfire Status | AAF - Agriculture and Forestry ( 

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Prevent Wildfires This May Long Weekend

Alberta Wildfire typically sees an increase in human-caused wildfires during long weekends. When enjoying the outdoors this May long weekend please do your part to prevent wildfires. 

When riding your off-highway vehicle stop frequently to remove any build-up of debris from your machine. Grass, muskeg, moss or other debris can begin to smoulder and drop to the ground as you're riding and spark a wildfire. 

When having a campfire, keep it small, safe and always attended. When you are leaving your site or headed to bed, your campfire must be extinguished. Soak it, stir up the ashes, soak it again to ensure it is out.

Fire Permits 

From March 1st to October 31st, a fire permit is required for any type of outdoor burning in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta with the exception of a campfire for cooking or warming.Fire permits help ensure that when smoke or fire is reported, firefighters can determine whether this is a wildfire or a permitted burn.

Albertans living or recreating in the Forest Protection Area of the province can request a free fire permit using the new, convenient online fire permit portal.

Fire permits can also be requested over the phone by calling your local forest area office.

Red Earth/Slave Lake (780) 849-7377

High Prairie (780) 523-6619

Wabasca (780) 891-3860

Wildfire Dashboard

*New* Wildfire Dashboard

The new wildfire dashboard provides up-to-date wildfire information at the click of a button. This interactive tool displays important statistics on the number of active wildfires in the province, sizes, locations, suspected causes and more.The dashboard builds on the former wildfire status map by displaying the most frequently accessed information in one convenient location.

wildfire app (2)

Wildfire Information

Download the Alberta Wildfire app today and get access to accurate, real-time information on wildfires in your area. You can also find information on fire advisories, restrictions and bans across the province and much more all on your mobile device.

Available for Apple and Android.

Before heading out, please check to determine whether there are any fire advisories, fire restrictions or fire bans in effect for your destination. 

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Updates will be provided weekly when the wildfire danger is low to moderate and daily when the wildfire danger reaches high to extreme. 

Unless conditions change you can expect your next wildfire update on May 24th, 2022.

If you have any questions please contact:

Leah Lovequist

Wildfire Information Officer





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