Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 6th 7:00 pm

Posted on Thu, May 06, 2021


Wildfire Danger 

With very strong winds expected this evening and into Friday the wildfire danger remains EXTREME in the Slave Lake Forest Area

Firefighters urge everyone to use caution. A fire will ignite easily and spread quickly under these dry and windy conditions. Report wildfires immediately by calling 310-FIRE or text #FIRE on your cell phone.

Fire Permit holders must postpone burning as the winds expected will exceed the safe burning conditions on the fire permit.

Fire lookouts are watching for smoke and firefighters in helicopters, heavy equipment, heavy helicopters and airtankers are ready to respond to any new wildfires that may start.

Wildfire Situation

Today there were four new wildfires. Two near Utikuma Lake, one in Driftpile and one west of Slave Lake. 

Firefighters, helicopters with buckets and an airtanker with its birddog plane were successful in fighting all of these wildfires. 

Of the four wildfires; Two are being held, one is under control and one has been extinguished.

swf22 Northwest of Bayer Road Highway 2 Slave Lake

SWF022 photo taken May 6 at 4:42 pm Fire behavior is significantly reduced thanks to helicopters bucketing on it.

SWF022 located west of Slave Lake on highway 2 has burned 4.5 hectares and is now classified as being held. Being held means the wildfire is not expected to grow under the current weather conditions and firefighting efforts. At this time there are 15 firefighters working to ensure the wildfire is contained. This wildfire is not threatening any communities. The cause of this wildfire is under investigation.

Fire Advisory 2


May 6, 2021

A fire advisory is in effect for the Slave Lake Forest Area section of the Forest Protection Area due to forecasted high winds. The situation will be closely monitored and the advisory will be removed once conditions improve.

Under this advisory:      

  • No new permits will be issued until conditions improve.


  • Any burning without a valid fire permit, other than a campfire.

Off-Highway Vehicles are not restricted



This evening and into Friday the winds are forecast to be from the southeast 35 gusting 50 kilometres per hour. Cooler temperatures and rain are expected late Friday afternoon through to Sunday.

Areas north of Lesser Slave Lake may not see a significant amount of rain.


New Alberta Wildfire App

Did you know Alberta Wildfire just launched a brand new app to keep you up-to-date with the wildfire situation in the province?

Download the new app today and get access to accurate, real-time information on wildfires in your area. You can also find information on fire advisories, restrictions and  bans across the province and much more.

Available for Apple and Android.

Firefighters Burning

Firefighters will be conducting small controlled burns in East Prairie, Driftpile and Sandy. 

If you have any questions about these grass burns contact Wildfire Information Office Leah Lovequist 780-849-0945.

Fire Permits 

From now until October 31st, a fire permit is required for any burning, except a campfire, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.

To request your free fire permit call your local Agriculture and Forestry office.

Red Earth/Slave Lake 780-849-7377

Wabasca 780-891-3860

High Prairie 780-523-6619

Fire permits help us to track what is burning on the landscape. If you're burning without a fire permit or outside fire permit conditions, your fire is considered a wildfire. By getting a permit you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

Pelican Mountain Prescribed Fire

During the 2021 wildfire season, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry may be conducting one or more prescribed fires approximately 12.5 kilometres southwest of Sandy Lake. The exact location of the prescribed fire area is directly north of Kilometre 123 on the C-Road.

The prescribed fires will vary in size from 3 to 5 hectares and burning will take place when forecasted weather and on-the-ground conditions allow for a safe, controlled burn.

Smoke may be visible at times but will be localized and short lived. Public roads and highways are expected to remain open; however, traffic may be controlled. Watch for Prescribed Fire in Progress and Smoke signage near the area.

Wildfire Prevention

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Wildfire Information

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Updates are provided weekly when the wildfire danger is low to moderate and daily when the wildfire danger reaches high to extreme. 

Unless conditions change you can expect your next wildfire update on May 7th, 2021.

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