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Rocky Forest Area Wildfire Update - May 6, 2017

Posted on Sat, May 06, 2017


gfx-hsb-wildfiredangerupdate-moderate.jpgWildfire Hazard
Areas of dead and dry grass combined with warm, dry conditions have increased the wildfire hazard to Moderate in the Rocky Forest Area 


Under this advisory no new fire permits will be issued until conditions improve. Active fire permits, except for those listed below, will be canceled and permit holders should check to ensure their burn sites are extinguished.

Fires that may continue under this fire advisory:
- Existing fire permits for burn barrels and smudges, but remember to check and follow the conditions of your permit.
- Small, safe cooking and warming campfires are allowed in backyards, campgrounds, back country and random camping areas. However, caution should be exercised during windy conditions.

Know that enhancements to the Forest and Prairie Protection Act (FPPA) and regulations include new penalties for infractions such as leaving a campfire unattended or burning without a permit.

Keep informed of fire restrictions across the province at
To report a wildfire, call 310-FIRE (3473).


Hazard reduction burning will be taking place today along highway 734 (Forestry Trunk Road) south of Nordegg and has been completed near Saunders and the Town of Sundre this week.
Prescribed fire video

Burn it with a permit
It's wildfire season which means fire permits are now required for burning within the Forest Protection Area (excluding campfires). To obtain a free permit call toll free 310-0000.  

Wildfire Information:
Download the Alberta Wildfire app for Apple or Android devices. 
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Barry A. Shellian RPFT
Area Information Coordinator
Rocky Forest Area
Department of Agriculture and Forestry
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May the forest be with you





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