Rocky Mountain House Area Update

Rocky Forest Area Update - July 23, 2019

Posted on Tue, Jul 23, 2019


The wildfire danger level in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area is MODERATE, with hotter temperatures forecast for today. 

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There are currently no wildfires burning within the Rocky Forest Area.

Rocky Forest Area Wildfire Update

Since March 1, 2019 there have been 24 wildfires in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area (31 since January 1) burning a total of 19.24 hectares.  Click here to view the Alberta Wildfire Status Map.

Provincial Summary - July 23, 2019 - 10:00 a.m.

There are currently 42 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area. 3 are out of control, 17 are being held, 16 are under control and 6 have been turned over to the responsible parties.

Since March 1, there have been 828 wildfires that have burned 838,793.31 hectares in the Forest Protection Area.


Remember that safe burning practices are always in season. If you are heading out in the forested areas of the province and you have a campfire, soak the ashes, stir them, and soak them again until they are cool to the touch. 



Fire permits are required for all burning (excluding campfires) in the Forest Protection Area during the wildfire season - March 1 to October 31. Permits are free, and available through your local Forestry office: Rocky Mountain House 403-845-8272.

If you have any questions about proper burning procedures, visit or phone 310-0000.

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