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2018 Prescribed Fire Update

Posted on Tue, Apr 03, 2018



Agriculture and Forestry currently has four planned prescribed fires in the Rocky Forest Area which may occur during the 2018 season. These will be located in the Chungo, Wapiabi, Hummingbird and Upper Clearwater areas.
Planning for additional prescribed fires is currently underway.

Operations will only commence when forecasted weather and on-the-ground conditions permit to ensure a safe operation that will meet the overall objectives of the prescribed fire. While spring conditions are preferred to complete these projects, operations may be underway anytime from spring through to late fall.

Prescribed fires are the proactive, knowledgeable and controlled applications of fire to accomplish well-defined resource management objectives. These fires are applied under select weather conditions and managed to minimize risk and maximize the benefits to the site.

Prescribed fire supports FireSmart principles that reduce wildfire threat to Albertans and their communities by reducing the likelihood of large uncontrollable wildfires while creating a healthier forest.

-Size 486 hectares
-47 km north west of Nordegg
- Establish a fuel break at the Chungo Gap
- Improve ungulate habitat

Size 675 hectares
25 km west of Nordegg
- Establish fuel break in the Wapiabi Gap area
- Improve ungulate habitat

Size 558 hectares
80 km south of Nordegg
- Establish a fire break at the Ram River Gap 
- Improve ungulate habitat

40 Mile
Size – 470 hectares
50 km west of Caroline and 7 km east of Banff National Park
- Establish a fuel break in the Upper Clearwater valley
- Improve ungulate habitat

Completed in 2017 - Blackstone
Prescribed fire operations in the Blackstone area were completed in 2017 with approximately 2300 hectares burned.

PF_Chungo_Wapiabi_ Mar18

 PF_Hummingbird_40Mile_ Mar18


Barry A. Shellian RPFT
Area Information Coordinator
Rocky Forest Area
Department of Agriculture and Forestry
P 403.845.8351
May the forest be with you




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