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Free Fishing Weekend

Posted on Fri, Jul 08, 2016



 The current wildfire hazard for the Rocky Forest Area is moderate.

 - In the last 24 hours there have been no new wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.
 - There are currently 14 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. Two are being held and 12 are under control.
 - Please note: The Horse River Wildfire (MWF-009 - Fort McMurray) is now classified as under control and has an estimated size of approximately 589,552 hectares including the Saskatchewan side.
 - Since April 1, 2016, Alberta has recorded 971 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area that have burned a total of 608,356.92 hectares.
 - Agriculture and Forestry has the following resources fighting wildfires or pre-positioned across the Forest Protection Area ready to fight new wildfires: 763 firefighters, 38 helicopters, and 16 airtankers. 



Completely extinguish your campfiressoakitstiritsoakit1.jpg

Be sure to completely extinguish your campfire before leaving it unattended.  Soak it with water, stir it and soak it again. Repeat this process until the ashes are cool to the touch.  

  • All campfires should be burned within a fire pit ring with a non-flammable material such as clean sand underneath.  
  • Ensure that there is no dry grass or other flammable material around the ring.


Keep your OHV cleanPREV_OHV_HotSpots_HubSpot.jpg

The hot areas on your OHV can collect dried grasses and other debris and start a wildfire.  

  • Please clean your quad regularly throughout the day and carry a bucket with you to help in the event of a starting a wildfire.  
  • Stop frequently and check behind you for hot spots.
  • If you start a fire with your OHV, call 310-FIRE immediately.

Before you burn it, get your permit

Beginning March 1st, all burning activities in Alberta’s Forest Protection Area, excluding campfires, require a fire permit. 

  • Fire permits are free and available at your local Agriculture and Forestry office.  
    Rocky Mountain House - 403.845.8272
    Drayton Valley - 780.542.6616
    Sundre - 403.638.3805
  • Please check the weather forecast and ensure the forecasted winds will be within the conditions on your permit before burning.


Family fishing weekend is here again

On July 9 and 10, Albertans young and old are invited to take advantage of free fishing across the province - no licence required, but all other sport fishing regulations apply. Family fishing weekends are offered twice a year in Alberta - during the Family Day weekend and during National Fishing Week in the summer.
Low river flows in parts of the province have prompted some advisories. Albertans are urged to consider fishing in lakes rather than rivers in these areas and to follow safe handling procedures to minimize stress to the fish population.

Fish Stocked Waters
Alberta has approximately 166 stocked water bodies for anglers to enjoy. They are frequently stocked with rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout or cutthroat trout.
Find a stocked lake near you and enjoy catching a memory on your family fishing experience.

View current fish stocking reports at: Stocking Reports

Aim to be a Responsible Angler

  • Know the regulations for the limit and species for each season - Alberta Regulations
  • Know how to identify fish to better follow the regulations
  • Handle fish with care to help them survive after they have been released back into the water
  • Use barbless hooks to cause less damage to fish when you catch and release them

Help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species – clean, drain and dry your boat and fishing equipment after using them.

Barry A. Shellian RPFT
Area Information Coordinator
Rocky Forest Area
Department of Agriculture and Forestry
P 403.845.8351
May the forest be with you














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