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Fire Ban and OHV Restriction for Portions of Rocky Forest Area

Posted on Mon, May 16, 2016



The fire ban and OHV restriction remain in effect for the majority of the Rocky Forest Area.  A significant amount of rain is needed to reduce the hazard.  Thank you for your help preventing wildfires by respecting bans in place.  For more information call 1-866-FYI-FIRE (394-3473) or visit  



In general, the fire and OHV ban remain in place North of the Clearwater River for areas West of Highway 22, while these activities are now allowed South of the Clearwater River.  Below is the detailed legal description of the said lands as per the Ministerial Orders:

Beginning where the Clearwater River leaves Banff National Park, and travels downstream along the west boundary of Fire Control Zone 7 (the right hand bank looking downstream), until it enters Fire Control Zone 7 and travels downstream along said right-hand bank in a generally east direction until its intersection with Highway 54 (bridge).  Thence west along said highway (for only about 163m) to the intersection with Highway 22.  Then north along Highway 22 until its intersection with Highway 11.  Then east along Highway 11 until its intersection with Highway 2.  Then south along Highway 2 until its intersection with Highway 567.  Then easterly along Highway 567 to its intersection with Highway 9.  Then, generally south along Highway 9 until it intersects Highway 1.  Then in a general east and south-easterly direction along Highway 1 to its intersection with the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.


A Fire Advisory remains in effect for the Rocky Forest Area not under the Provincial Fireban.

  • No fire permits will be issued.
  • Safe campfires are allowed.
  • Incendiary targets remain banned province-wide.

For full details, visit

Wildfire Prevention Tips:
Clear debris from hot spots on your off-highway vehicle

Ensure your campfire is out - Soak it, Stir it, Soak it Again 
Exploding targets can start wildfires.  Please use extreme caution. 

Provincial Wildfire Summary - May 16, 10 AM

  • In the last 24 hours there have been five new wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.
  • There are currently 14 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. Three are considered out of control, eight are under control and three have been turned over to the responsible party.
    • MWF-009 is considered out of control and is estimated to be approximately 284,214 hectares and is located in Fort McMurray. There are 869 fire fighters, 46 helicopters, 116 pieces of heavy equipment and 11 airtankers fighting this wildfire.
    • WWF-025 is considered out of control and is estimated to be approximately 900 hectares and is located 11 kilometers north of Fox Creek. There are 38 firefighters, four helicopters and 32 pieces of heavy equipment fighting this wildfire.
    • WWF-026 is considered out of control and is estimated to be approximately 1 hectare and is located 24.5 km northwest of Whitecourt. There are 15 firefighters fighting this wildfire.
  • Historical wildfire statistics:


5 Year Average (2011/2015)

Last Year


This Year


Area Burned (ha)




Number of Wildfires






Concerns? Contact:

Trisha Stubbings, RPF
Wildfire Information Officer
Agriculture and Forestry
Box 1720
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T 1B3
Telephone: 403-845-8360
Cell: 403-844-9668

For information on wildfires across the province, visit

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Fire Ban and OHV Restriction Amendments for portions of Rocky Forest Area


























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