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Rocky Mountain House Forest Area Wildfire Update - June 9, 2023

Posted on Fri, Jun 09, 2023


The wildfire danger in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area is extreme. 

Report smoke or fire in the forest by calling 310-FIRE (3473). 


A FIRE RESTRICTION is now in effect.

Fire Restriction wide-1


FIRE RESTRICTION is in effect across much of the Forest Protection Area, including the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area.


  • The Rocky Mountain House Forest Area will not be issuing fire permits


  • All outdoor wood fires in backcountry and random camping areas on public land
  • Charcoal briquettes in backcountry and random camping areas on public land
  • The use of fireworks and exploding targets


  • Wood campfires on private land and in designated campgrounds
  • Charcoal briquettes on private land and in designated campgrounds
  • Propane/natural gas-powered appliances
  • Open flame oil devices (e.g., turkey deep fryers, tiki torches)
  • Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor
  • All appliances must be CSA approved and used per manufacturer’s standards

Please visit to view a map of the impacted area. This fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve across the province.



There are currently four wildfires burning in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area. Two of these wildfires are out of control and two are classified as under control. Since January 1, 2023, there have been 53 wildfires in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area, burning a total of 120,541.30 hectares (ha). 

With the continued hot dry weather, the Rocky Mountain House area is seeing an increase with fire activity on existing fires today

Initial attack and lookout resources remain diligent with fixed detection and aerial patrols.

For Saturday a north-south cold front will lie through the western boreal in the afternoon. Fair, stable conditions ahead of the front with 27-32°C, and 21-30°C behind it. Showers and risk of thunderstorms for the western boreal as the front passes.

On Sunday in the south, precipitation is bringing in cooler temperatures 16-22°C. Strong westerly-northwesterly winds over the boreal, 20-30km/h, gusting 40-45 to the north. Light N/NW winds 10-20km/h to the south. Total precipitation 5-10mm most areas, locally maybe 10+. Crossover conditions and uptrending in the boreal. Poor overnight RH recovery over the western boreal, 30-50%

Monday an upper ridge over the Pacific will push into Alberta. Clear, dry conditions under a surface ridge. Light winds circulating around the ridge, NW-SW 10-20km/h for most areas. To the south, highs 17-25°C. Chance of showers along the eastern slopes and extreme southern Alberta.


RCU005This wildfire is classified as being held. Alberta Wildfire continues to support RCU005 with resources. Given the current weather conditions, the wildfire is not anticipated to grow past expected boundaries.


Today on the Pembina Complex, fire behavior on EWF031 has increased significantly because of steady and sustained winds from the southeast, pushing the fire in a northwest direction. Very extreme fire behavior is being observed, firefighters are observing crown fire, meaning that the wildfire is burning in the treetops. The wildfire is also producing long-range spotting and independent spot fire which are growing. Firefighting under these conditions is extremely dangerous, we ask that you stay out of these areas and give our firefighters room to work.

Activity along the north and northwest side is extreme and fire has crossed and passed the containment lines. Firefighters, equipment, and aircraft have been repositioned to prioritize the fire section that crossed the containment line burning north of Coyote Road approximately 18.5 km from the Town of Edson, as well as the other section of the wildfire east of Rat Creek that crossed the containment line, which is approximately 40 km further east from the Town of Edson.

On the west side of the fire, planned controlled burning operations using aircraft are being utilized to prevent the fire from crossing the Sundance Road. This method is often used under the careful eye of a certified ignition specialist and very successful in removing available fuel that the fire could consume. Bringing the fire to the containment line will prevent the fire from processing further into other stands of trees.

On the east side of the fire, wildfire firefighters have been pulled from areas of high wildfire activity due to the potential for safety reasons and to reposting on areas where ground crews would be more effective. Aerial operations will need to be re-prioritized as some areas have very poor visibility. You may see many of our aircraft at the airport not being used, that's due to them not being able to fly in some of these very smoky conditions. 

There are 238 firefighters and support staff being shared between the Pembina Complex. There are 65 pieces of heavy equipment, and 21 helicopters assigned to the complex. An airtanker group is available and will be utilized if visibility in the area improves. In addition, a 20 person Australian crew has arrived at camp and will be to joining operations on the fire line immediately.

EWF039 located near Carrot Creek, is currently being held. The fire is currently estimated to be 165 ha. The fire is fully wrapped in containment line and is a kilometer away from the Carrot Creek lookout tower. The Lookout staff will keep watch over the area.

RWF034 is located near the O'Chiese Reserve and classified as out of control. The fire is currently estimated at 87,108 ha in size.

Crews are supporting the guard and monitoring conditions working south along the west flank. The majority of the containment line will be pre-existing roads.

RWF040 The fire is actively monitored by firefighters and support staff assigned to the complex who can respond if necessary. The fire is currently estimated to be 5,089 ha in size and remains classified as out of control. Containment line was completed around the east, south, and west sides of the fire. Crews will continue working from the Blackstone River clockwise around the fire perimeter. Crews are actively supporting the guard with the installation of water systems which includes hose and pumps.

The onsite Incident Management Team is continuing to collaborate with all partners and communities within the vicinity of these wildfires to ensure public safety.

New information on this complex will be available this evening. For wildfire updates on this group of wildfires, please visit the Edson Forest Area Update.

Credit to: Sarah Hall, Pembina Complex. Wildfire Information Officer, BC Wildfire Service.

If you have any questions or concerns about the PEMBINA COMPLEX, please call the Area Wildfire Information Officer:  Caroline Charbonneau at 780-740-1341.

Report wildfires 2022

Lightning through the area may cause new wildfire starts. Lightning-caused wildfires can smoulder in the ground for a few days before becoming active and visible. This is called a "holdover" fire. Alberta Wildfire follows weather forecasts and tracks each lightning strike using a tracking system. This allows them to pinpoint where there are areas that have been heavily impacted by lightning. They then send out firefighters to patrol these areas.


Since January 1,2023, in the Forest Protection Area, there have been 619 wildfires burning a total of 1,231,174.99 ha.


The wildfire dashboard provides up-to-date wildfire information at the click of a button. This interactive tool displays important statistics on the number of active wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta, sizes, locations, suspected causes and more.

The dashboard builds on the former wildfire status map by displaying the most frequently accessed information in one convenient location.


Download the Alberta Wildfire app today and get access to accurate, real-time information on wildfires in your area. You can also find information on fire advisories, restrictions and bans across the province and much more all on your mobile device.

Available for Apple and Android.

Before heading out, please check to determine whether there are any fire advisories, fire restrictions or fire bans in effect for your destination. 

For more information contact:

Provincial Information Officer
(780) 420-1968



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