High Level Area Update

High Level Forest Area Wildfire Update | July 19, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.

Posted on Fri, Jul 19, 2019


A Fire Advisory remains in effect for the High Level Forest Area.
Use caution within the Forest Protection Area. To report a wildfire, call 310-FIRE (3473). The Jackpot Creek fire is Under Control (UC).


There are currently 12 active wildfires in the High Level Area. Of these fires, 3 are Out of Control (OC), 6 are Being Held (BH) and 3 are Under Control (UC).
(See below for details on the Chuckegg Creek wildfire). Click here for a map of all fire locations and their status within the High Level Forest Area.

Wildfires of note:

  • Fire (HWF-133) is located 45 km north-northwest of Fox Lake and is classified as Out of Control (OC) at an estimated 25 hectares.  There is currently air support working on this fire. Ground access has been identified as an issue at this time but rappel firefighters will be building helipads to allow for safer access to the fire.  There is currently no threat to this community. 
  • Fire (HWF130) is located 40 km east of Meander River and is classified as Being Held (BH) at 5 hectares.  4 firefighters are currently working on this fire. Airtanker support is planned to work on this fire.
  • Fire (HWF127) is located 26 km west of Garden River and is classified as Being Held (BH) at 60 hectares. There are 25 firefighter and 3 helicopters working on this fire. There is no threat to any communities at this time.
  • Fire (HWF126) is located 20 km northwest of Zama City and is classified as Out of Control (OC) at 45 hectares. There are 26 firefighters, 5 helicopters and 2 pieces of heavy equipment are working on this fire. There is no threat to any communities at this time. 
  • Fire (HWF-124) is located 10 km southeast of High Level and is Under Control (UC) at 5.5 hectares.  There is no risk to communities at this time.
  • Fire (HWF-113) is located 62 km southeast of the Town of Rainbow Lake and is Being Held (BH) at 132 hectares. There are 17 firefighters working on this fire. There is no risk to communities at this time.
  • The Jackpot Creek wildfire (HWF-066) is located north of Lutose and is Under Control (UC) at 74,331 hectares. There are 30 firefighters, 4 helicopters and 9 pieces of heavy equipment working on this fire.

NOTE: Unless conditions change, the next update will be at 11:00 a.m. on July 20, 2019.

Firefighters, helicopters, airtankers and heavy equipment are positioned throughout the High Level Forest Area to respond to any new wildfire starts.

Div C_7.18.19-1

Fire activity south of Devil Lake - July 18, 2019


Please be advised: smoke will continue to persist over surrounding communities. If you have any health concerns, please contact Alberta Health Services for assistance.

Extreme fire behaviour challenged firefighters today, as crossover conditions occurred for most of the afternoon. Fire activity is expected to continue into the evening, however slightly higher relative humidity levels should alleviate active fire spread.

With support from helicopters and airtankers, firefighters continue to contain fingers that crossed the fireguard south of Devil Lake and Surette Lake. Some clean-up is still to be completed in those areas, but good suppression progress was made in securing containment lines.

The portion of the fire southwest of Devil Lake was less active, as heavy equipment will continue to build fireguard along that outer edge.

Crossover conditions are likely to continue tomorrow, as temperatures should reach 29 degrees with a relative humidity of 25-30%. Winds will be from the west/southwest at 15 km/hr. Ignition specialists will assess the situation in the morning and determine if conditions are appropriate to continue with the planned controlled burn operations.

Extreme fire behaviour is expected to continue for the next several days, with similar temperatures and relative humidity levels extending into next week. Please remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings while traveling near the fire.

Did you know?
Although the Chuckegg Creek wildfire has not completely burned the entire interior of the fire, the current perimeter is over 610 km around - that's like driving from Edmonton to Calgary, and back!

Although the ignition burn is taking place near the water delivery system on the eastern side, it's still proving to be a very effective tool in limiting spread along the southern portion of the horseshoe. Large pumps, water tanks, a large water reservoir and sprinklers are being utilized for sprinkler operations and will be running 24/7 to help flood the area where the fire is burning in deep peat moss. Having this operation in place will continue to aid firefighters with direct attack on the fire perimeter. Heavy equipment and helicopters also continue to support firefighting efforts where needed.

Fire activity is ongoing within the perimeter of the fire, however all of the containment lines on the west, south, and southeast sides continue to be holding well. Firefighters are working hard with direct attack, extinguishing hotspots and mopping-up 100 feet inward south of Highway 58. Hose lay, mop-up and extinguishing hotspots continues on the southwest side, as firefighters are making great progress securing that side. In the southern end, high-altitude scanning continues to aid firefighters in finding priority area hotspots to address and extinguish.

The Chuckegg Creek wildfire will continue to be an active wildfire situation. As a result, smoke may be present along nearby highways and communities. Please use caution as you travel through these areas to ensure the safety of firefighters and community residents.

  • The last recorded size is 342,832 hectares.
  • There are 636 firefighters and support staff, 37 helicopters and 53 pieces of heavy equipment fighting this wildfire.




A Fire Advisory remains in effect due to the hotter temperatures, no significant rainfall and the ongoing wildfire activity within the High Level Forest Area.

Current short term permits will not be renewed and all permit holders with root rows/root piles need to ensure all piles are extinguished prior to the expiry of their permit.

  • Safe campfires are currently allowed
  • Current seasonal permits issued until October 31, 2019 will remain valid
  • New permits will only be issued for smudges and burn barrels

To get a fire permit please call 780-926-5407 and leave a detailed message including your home address, burn location and what you plan to burn. A patrolman will contact you to arrange a site visit.

Visit albertafirebans.ca for more information or download the new Alberta Fire Bans mobile app.


Download the Alberta Emergency Alert app or visit their website by clicking here. You can also check with the county, the town or your local community to see if new alerts or evacuation orders have been issued.


To stay informed on all road closure information visit the Alberta Transportation website or download the mobile app.


Smoke from wildfires in northern Alberta has caused poor air quality and reducing visibility at times. Winds will continue to shift bringing smoky conditions. For health related smoke issues, please visit Alberta Health Services.


During an active wildfire, the highest priority is the safety of the public and wildfire personnel. Please refrain from entering areas of active wildfire suppression. If you encounter aircraft or helicopter bucketing operations on a water body please move your boat to shore.   

The airspace around a wildfire is restricted via NOTAM in a radius of 9 kilometres to an altitude of 3,000 feet above ground level. It is illegal to operate any aircraft not associated with wildfire suppression within the restricted area, including drones. Do not fly drones or UAVs near or within the perimeter of an active wildfire. When a drone is near a wildfire it endangers firefighting personnel and important aerial firefighting operations will be grounded.  Those caught in violation can be subject to an automatic court appearance and a fine of up to $100,000. 



Kevin Kuhn | Wildfire Information Officer 

High Level Forest Area

Phone: 780-843-5846



Matt Bell | Wildfire Information Officer (Chuckegg Creek wildfire)

Phone: 587-986-4985