Grande Prairie Area Update

Grande Prairie Wildfire Danger update May 11, 2019

Posted on Sat, May 11, 2019

Dry and windy conditions are in today's forecast. Exercise caution if you are burning or using off-highway vehicles in areas of dried grass as fire can spread quickly and become hard to control.
The potential for an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) fire is increasing, the hot areas on your OHV can collect grass and other debris and start a wildfire. Clean your OHV before, during and after your ride and always carry a bucket with you in the event of a starting a wildfire.
Check Alberta Fire Bans for the most up to date information on advisories, restrictions and bans in your area.
Thank you for doing your part to prevent wildfires, if you spot a wildfire call 310-FIRE (3473)
Burning is not permitted during windy conditions. Remember you must evaluate the weather at your specific location. Get a permit and follow the conditions. You can be held responsible if a fire escapes the burn permit area. If you live within the Forest Protection Area, please contact your local Forestry office to get a permit (780) 538-5560. Anyone living outside the Forest Protection Area can contact their municipality for information about local fire permit requirements.
Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province, download the free Alberta Wildfire Android or Apple products.
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Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer
Mobile: (780) 832 7235


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