Grande Prairie Area Update

Grande Prairie Forest Area Wildfire Update February 27, 2020

Posted on Thu, Feb 27, 2020



The 2020 wildFire season starts March 1.  Fire permits will be required for all burning, with the exception of heating or warming fires, within the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.

Contact the Grande Prairie Forest Area office at 780-538-5560 to find out how to get a free fire permit and information on safe burning practices. 

Grande Prairie / Grovedale / County West – (780) 814-1648

Spirit River – (780) 814-1983

Valleyview – (780) 524-6576

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All winter burning to be extinguished. As the snow melts check for holdover fires

When checking an extinguished burn pile, spread around any remaining debris so you can probe the area for hot spots. Use your bare hand and feel for heat over the ash piles or use a long metal rod to probe into the pile and feel for heat. If you see smoke or feel heat, the fire is still burning beneath the surface. Drench any remaining hot spots with water and stir up the ashes

It's now time to revisit those winter campfire sites or brush piles to ensure they have been completely extinguished, clean up yard debris and get your permit.



Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province, download the free Alberta Wildfire Android or Apple products.  

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Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer
Mobile: (780) 832 7235


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