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Grande Prairie Forest Area - Fire Advisory in effect: May 12, 2019

Posted on Sun, May 12, 2019


Dry, windy conditions have pushed the wildfire danger to HIGH in the Grande Prairie Forest Area. A Fire Advisory has been issued for the area. Fire weather today is windy with wide spread cross over conditions. Any fire started today will spread quickly and become difficult to control. 


A Fire Advisory has been issued for the Grande Prairie Forest Area effective 1200 hrs. May 12, 2019

A Fire Advisory has been issued for the Grande Prairie Forest Area due to expected warm temperatures and no significant rainfall in the forecast. New permits will not be issued during this time. The Fire Advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve.

 What is allowed:

Safe wood campfires in campgrounds (within fire rings), backyards, or random camping areas

Charcoal briquettes

Portable propane fire pits

Gas or propane stoves and barbecues

Catalytic or infrared-style heaters

Never leave a campfire unattended. Soak it, stir it and soak it again until cool to the touch to ensure it is extinguished. If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE.


Re-check burns sites. Spring fires can easily be prevented by ensuring your winter burning is completely extinguished. Check your burn sites for smoke, flame or smoldering debris. If you find smoldering debris stir it up and search for hot spots that may be buried in the ground. Then use water to soak it, stir it, and soak it again, until the area is cool to the touch.

To help ensure deep burning is extinguished you can use a metal probe and insert it into the ground. This is particularly helpful in areas of deep peat. Find more information on safe burning practices for brush piles and windrows here.

Ride debris free. An off-highway vehicle exhaust can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius. That means it won't take long for that wet and muddy debris to dry up, start smoldering and fall to the ground as you drive away. You can help prevent a wildfire by stopping frequently to remove any build-up of debris from the hot spots on your machine.

Burning is not permitted during windy conditions. Remember you must evaluate the weather at your specific location. Get a permit and follow the conditions. You can be held responsible if a fire escapes the burn permit area. If you live within the Forest Protection Area, please contact your local Forestry office to get a permit (780) 538-5560. Anyone living outside the Forest Protection Area can contact their municipality for information about local fire permit requirements.


Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province, download the free Alberta Wildfire Android or Apple products.  

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Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer
Mobile: (780) 832 7235


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