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VERY HIGH Wildfire Danger, FIRE ADVISORY IN EFFECT, Fort McMurray Forest Area, June 24, 2020

Posted on Wed, Jun 24, 2020


Wildfire Update - June 24, 2020

The wildfire danger rating in the Fort McMurray Forest Area is VERY HIGH. The weather forecast over the next several days shows a heating and drying trend for the area. High temperatures, low humidity, and wind all contribute to increasing the fire danger. An elevated fire danger allows a wildfire to start and spread extremely quickly. 

Favorable weather often means more people enjoying recreational activities. If you are planning a backcountry camping trip, especially in the Richardson backcountry please be sure to follow safe fire practices and ensure your campfire is fully extinguished before you leave. 

  • In campgrounds or recreational areas, use the designated stoves, rings, or fire pits. They are designed to keep fires from spreading and are the best choice for a safe campfire.
  • When outside of a campground, use sites that are clear of dry grass, bushes, leaves, branches, tree trunks, peat moss, and overhanging branches. If the site has already been used for a campfire, use the same site.
  • Build your campfires on level ground that is sheltered from wind.
  • Have enough water on hand to extinguish your fire. 

Campfire Ad HI RES

If you choose to drive an off-highway vehicle in Alberta’s forested areas please remember:

  • OHV exhausts can get very hot, reaching temperatures of over 200 Celsius, causing debris caught near the exhaust to become heated. This debris can potentially start a wildfire when it falls to the ground.
  • Before you ride, clean any debris that has built up near the exhaust and muffler, under the seat, in wheel wells and around the engine.
  • Always carry a small fire extinguisher, a collapsible shovel and water. These tools can help extinguish a wildfire and safely dispose of hot debris.


There is a fire advisory in effect inside the Forest Protection Area of Alberta until further notice. Visit for details 

A fire permit is required for burning other than a cooking and warming fire. Fire permits are being issued but will need to be approved by a Forest Officer. Please call 780-743-7125 to request a fire permit.


For information on the current wildfire situation across the Province of Alberta, visit


For more information, please contact: 

Provincial Information Officer

Phone: 1-780-420-1968 or 1-866-394-3473



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