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Edson Forest Area Wildfire Update - November 15, 2021

Posted on Mon, Nov 15, 2021


Wildfire season officially ended on October 31 and fire permits are no longer required until March 1. You are still responsible for the safe maintenance of any fires and for fully extinguishing winter burns. Please ensure that you monitor weather conditions and have sufficient firefighting equipment nearby.

Areas of exposed dry grass and fine fuels are still a concern and any spark, friction or hot exhaust can easily start a wildfire even when the temperatures are cooler. All campfires, regardless of their size, must be fully extinguished.

If you see smoke or flame and suspect it's a wildfire, call 310-FIRE.

114 Nov 15 Wildfire

Alberta Wildfire was dispatched today to this wildfire reported by a member of the public using 310-FIRE. This is a reminder that wildfires can occur, even in winter like conditions.


The wildfire danger in the Edson Forest Area is now LOW.


This is the time of year when firefighters find abandoned campfires that we believe were left unintentionally by recreationalists and hunters. It’s very important to know that all campfires must be fully extinguished no matter what time of year it is. A campfire built on top of snow can easily smoulder in the debris underneath for weeks and even months, and re-ignite when the wind picks up or the conditions are favorable, which could cause a wildfire. 

When you’re planning your campfire, choose your site carefully. Hard-packed mineral soil or gravel is best. Scrape away any flammable material and use extra care around dead grass. Keep your fire small and protected from the wind. Ensure your campfire is completely extinguished before you leave. Spread the burning material to reduce the heat. Soak it with water or snow, stir up the ashes and soak it again. Use your bare hands to feel for heat. If the ashes feel cold then the campfire is fully extinguished.

Good vs Bad Huntin Campfire


After experiencing a hot and dry summer, Albertans are still being urged to use safe burning practices over the winter. The province’s wildfire season runs from March 1 to Oct. 31, but the risk of wildfires is present year-round.

Fire permits are not required for burning outside of wildfire season in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. Still, residents and industry who are planning a burn during winter should keep safe burning practices top of mind and follow Alberta Wildfire’s guidelines. These include carefully selecting the burn site, checking weather conditions and having the right tools, water and equipment on hand to keep it under control.

It’s also crucial to limit the impact of smoke by avoiding large burns during an inversion. An inversion happens when cold air is trapped near the ground by a layer of warmer air above it. It can cause smoke from a winter burn to stay close to the ground and travel great distances, which can reduce visibility.

Once the burn is complete, ensure it's fully extinguished by soaking it, stirring it and soaking it again until the ashes are cool to the touch. You must return to your burn site multiple times until you are sure that it’s out. Fires that aren’t properly extinguished can come back as wildfires weeks and sometimes months later.

Following all precautions plays an important role in reducing human-caused wildfires. This season, there were 171 wildfires in the Edson Forest Area and 119 of them were human-caused, representing 69 percent.

At the provincial level, 805 of the 1,307 wildfires that burned in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta were human-caused (62%). A total of 435 were caused by lightning (33%) and 67 are currently under investigation (5%). A total of 52,955 ha burnt this season.

On average, the total number of human-caused wildfires in Alberta has been declining in the past five years, highlighting the importance of continued prevention work.

Those planning a burn in the Edson Forest Area can contact their local forest office for guidance or visit the Alberta Wildfire website for more information.


Since March 1, 2021, there have been 174 wildfires in the Edson Forest Area burning a total of 830 ha.

We thank those who reported wildfires this year. A total of 62% confirmed wildfires were reported by the public and industry using 310-FIRE or other reporting methods. 

EWF124 is UNDER CONTROL. The wildfire is 40 km south of Grande Cache on the border of Jasper National Park within the same burnt area as the 2015 Rock Slide wildfire. The fire is currently estimated to be 7.7 ha in size and determined to be caused by lightning.

EWF075 is UNDER CONTROL. The wildfire is located 9 km west of Evansburg, north of highway 16 and west of highway 22. The wildfire is 175 hectares in size. The cause of the wildfire is currently under investigation.

There is no threat to any communities at this time.

The wildfires will be monitored as needed until they are classified as extinguished. To understand what the wildfire classifications mean, visit our website by clicking here.

To view the wildfires on a map, download the new AB Wildfire Status App.


Since March 1 in the Forest Protection Area, there have been 1,315 wildfires burning a total of 52,955 ha.  

For more information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit wildfirestatus.alberta.ca


Albertans are always asked to use caution when working or recreating in the outdoors:

End of wildfire season


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For more information, please contact:

Caroline Charbonneau
Wildfire Information Officer | Edson Forest Area
Cell:  780-740-1341