Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Update June 20th 1:00pm

Posted on Thu, Jun 20, 2019


Evacuation Information

Bigstone Cree Nation

As of 12pm today, the 8-hour evacuation alert has been lifted for all Reserves of Bigstone Cree Nation along with MD #17 in Wabasca, Sandy Lake and Chipewyan Lake. For more information, please visit the MD of Opportunity Emergency Management Facebook page:

Peerless Trout First Nation

Protecting human life and structures remains a top priority. As a result, an evacuation order has been placed on Peerless Trout First Nation. For more information, visit or download the Alberta Emergency Alert app. You can also visit for further community updates.

smoke from marten mountain


Wind from the north is causing smoke from wildfires in northern Alberta to drift into the Slave Lake Forest Area. If you experience respiratory difficulties, visit Alberta Health Link or dial 811. Visit to view the most current smoke forecast. Click here for Alberta Health Services on information about wildfire smoke.

Wildfire Danger

The rain last night has brought relief to the wildfire danger for areas south of Lesser Slave Lake however light amounts of rain were recorded for areas in the north. Click here to view map of rainfall over the past 24 hours.

The wildfire danger remains HIGH to EXTREME for areas north of Red Earth Creek. Click here to view the wildfire danger map for today. Areas south of Red Earth Creek are MODERATE to LOW.

Strong and gusty winds are expected today. Under the dry and windy conditions, a fire will ignite easily and spread very quickly. Firefighters are urging everyone to use caution and report wildfires immediately by calling 310-FIRE or #FIRE on your cell phone. Firefighters in helicopters, airtankers and heavy equipment are ready to fight any new wildfires that may start.

At this time, we have not received enough rain to bring long term relief to the dry conditions.The Fire Ban and OHV Restriction remain in place for areas north of Lesser Slave Lake. To view a map and details regarding the Fire Ban/OHV restriction visit


For today the temperature will be 13 degrees for areas south of Lesser Slave Lake and 19 degrees for areas to the north. Winds will be from the north 35 kilometres per hour gusting up to 65. A good chance of rain is expected again today.

Wildfire Update

Since March 1st, there have been 117 wildfires and 277,538 hectares burned in the Slave Lake Forest Area. There was one new wildfire yesterday. The wildfire was caused by lightning and is being held at 0.1 hectares.

SWF-114 located south of the hamlets of Canyon Creek and Widewater is under control. Firefighters with nodwells will continue to patrol this 15.3 hectare wildfire looking for smouldering ground fires to extinguish. The cause of this wildfire was lightning.

SWF-102 started on June 9th and is located 1.3 kilometres west of the Chip/Alpac Road at approximately kilometre 45. It is 193 hectares in size and classified as under control. Firefighters continue to patrol this wildfire.

SWF-090 started on June 2nd and is located 18 kilometres northeast of Trout Lake. It is 187 hectares and classified as under control. Firefighters continue to patrol this wildfire.

For information about the wildfire in Peace River Forest Area which is 27 kilometres south of Cadotte Lake click here.

Provincial Wildfire Situation

For information on the wildfire situation across the province of Alberta click here.

Click here to view a map of the wildfires burning in Alberta.

Keep up to date on the current wildfire situation visit and follow Alberta Wildfire on Facebook and Twitter.

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Dozer guard_June 20 AM

McMillan Complex - dozer guard being built along the north portion | June 20, 2019

Click here to view a map with imagery and click here for one without imagery of the McMillan Wildfire Complex.

McMillan Complex update - June 20 | 12:00 pm

Fire activity has been limited since last night’s update, as scattered rainfall occurred over the fire. The north portion saw roughly 2mm while the south saw upwards of 10mm. While this is helpful to overall suppression efforts, continuous rainfall is needed to have a long-term effect on the fire behaviour.

Dozer guard continues along the northern portion of the fire, as heavy equipment will look to tie off the two large fingers in the coming days.

Structure protection is still being taken off the Wabasca area, as containment lines are holding well and showing minimal fire activity.

Today the fire is expected to reach temperatures of 18 degrees with a relative humidity of 35%, and winds coming from the north/northwest at 20km/hr. As a result, areas to the south and southeast of the fire may experience added smoke coverage passing through.

All other areas within the fire’s perimeter are holding, with minimal hot spots detected.

A new perimeter map with the completed aerial ignition burn will be available in tomorrow’s update.

There are 549 firefighters and support staff, 45 helicopters, airtankers, and 59 pieces of heavy equipment fighting this wildfire.

We have been lucky enough to receive support from firefighters and support staff from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Parks Canada, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Oregon. Thank you to everyone who has assisted in our operations; the support has been incredible!

The McMillan Complex remains approximately: 

  • 9.4 kilometres north of Wabasca No. 166C
  • 4.9 and 3.3 kilometres west of Wabasca No. 166B and 166D
  • 26.5 kilometres northeast of Marten Beach
  • 32.8 kilometres northeast of Slave Lake
  • 6 kilometres southeast of Trout Lake

Of the four wildfires in the McMillan Complex, three are under control and one is out of control. SWF-049 has burned into SWF-079 as these fires were in close proximity to each other.
Note: wildfire sizes are subject to change as more accurate readings of the perimeter become available.

SWF-049 is 276,502 hectares and is classified as out of control.

SWF-090 is 187 hectares and is classified as under control.

SWF-078 is 137 hectares and is classified as under control.

SWF-099 is 2 hectares and is classified as under control.

For the safety of our firefighters, please obey the reduced speed limit on the highways. Highway 813 from Wabasca to Sandy Lake is open. Highway 754 from Highway 88 to Wabasca is open. Expect delays due to traffic volume and reduced visibility in smoke.Speed reductions in effect. View updates on highways by visiting or download the mobile app.

The Fire Ban and OHV Restriction remain in place for areas north of Lesser Slave Lake. To view a map and details regarding the Fire Ban/OHV restriction visit


A Fire Ban and Off-Highway Vehicle Restriction is in effect for the High Level Forest Area, the majority of the Peace River Forest Area, the upper portion of the Slave Lake Forest Area and small areas in the western portions of the Lac La Biche and Fort McMurray Forest Areas.
• All open fires including campfires in campgrounds, backcountry and random camping areas and backyard fire pits.
• Charcoal briquettes, turkey fryers and tiki torches.
• Fireworks and exploding targets.
• The use of off-highway vehicles for recreational use on all public lands.
• Portable propane fire pits that are CSA approved or UL certified.
• Gas or propane stoves and barbecues that are CSA approved or UL certified and are designed for cooking or heating.
• Catalytic or infrared-style heaters.
• OHVs for industrial use, agricultural use, and traditional use by Indigenous peoples, as well as use on private lands.
The Fire Ban and Off-Highway Vehicle Restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve.
Visit to view map and details.
Click here for the fire ban fact sheet.
Click here for the OHV restriction fact sheet.


If you have any questions please contact:

Leah Lovequist

Wildfire Information Officer

Mobile: 780-849-0945


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