Slave Lake Area Update

Slave Lake Forest Area Update - Wildfire Season has officially ended.

Posted on Thu, Nov 01, 2018


With snow and cold temperatures expected over the next several months, the wildfire danger in the Slave Lake Forest Area will be LOW.

Although the wildfire danger is low, a fire left smouldering can burrow under the ground and smoulder under the snow all winter long. Do your part to prevent wildfires this spring by ensuring your fires are extinguished.

Summary of the Wildfire Season

The 2018 wildfire season in Alberta has officially come to an end. 

In the Slave Lake Forest Area, firefighters fought 168 wildfires which burned 6,872 hectares. The amount of hectares burned this season was significantly less than the five year average.

The low wildfire activity in the area allowed firefighters to help battle wildfires across Canada and the United States. The Slave Lake Forest Area sent a total of 390 firefighters and support staff to Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Idaho, Montana and Washington. 

 2018 Wildfire Stats for Alberta 

Brush Pile and Windrow Burning

Fire permits are not required for burning however, you are responsible for any fires you ignite and they must be extinguished prior to the start of the 2019 wildfire season.

If you are conducting brush pile or windrow burning this winter please report your burn locations to Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire Technologist Russell Murphy by calling 780-849-7457.

Tips for burning 

  • Burn when there is snow cover, the ground is frozen and winds are light (less that 12 km/h).
  • When piling avoid mixing soil with the woody debris by using a brush rake or excavator.
  • Ensure the piles are at least 25 metres from trees, brush and structures.
  • Only burn what you can control. Never leave your fire unattended.
  • Go back and make sure your fires are extinguished.

For more information, visit our blog on successful winter burning.


Unless conditions change, you can expect your next wildfire update on December 1st, 2018.

If you have any questions please contact

Leah Lovequist

Wildfire Information Officer

Mobile: 780-849-0945


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