Rocky Mountain House Area Update

Wildfire Update - September 1

Posted on Tue, Sep 01, 2015


Warm temperatures and the seasonal fall drying of the forest has raised the fire hazard in the Rocky wildfire management area to High


Local Wildfire Situation
Since April 1, in the Rocky Wildfire Management Area there have been 123 wildfires that have burned a total of 67.45 hectares.Of these 50 were human caused, 36 were lightning caused and 37 are under investigation.

Provincial wildfire Situation
Since April 1, Alberta has recorded 1,673 wildfires that have burned a total of 490,918.33 hectares.
In the last 24 hours there have been three new wildfires. 
Alberta currently has 40 wildfires. One is being held, 35 are under control and four have been turned over to the responsible party. 
Agriculture and Forestry is assisting with one wildfire outside the Forest Protection Area. 
 - CCU-003 is 780 hectares in size and is approximately 100 kilometres south of Medicine Hat. There are 19 firefighters and two helicopters assisting with this wildfire.
Agriculture and Forestry have the following resources fighting wildfires or pre-positioned across the province ready to fight new wildfires: 
 - 400 firefighters, 29 helicopters, 10 airtankers and eight pieces of heavy equipment.
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has imported the following resources: 
- 3000 lengths of hose and 50 pumps from Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has exported the following resources: 
 - 100 backpack style water pumps to Saskatchewan 
 - 20 sprinkler kits to Parks Canada 
 - Nine firefighters, one airtanker group and 43 pumps to British Columbia 
 - 138 firefighters, one airtanker group and two helicopters to Montana 
 - 12 firefighters and one helicopter to Idaho
 - Eight firefighters to Washington

Fire Permits

From March 1 to October 31, fire permits are required for any type of burning in the forest protection area - except campfires. 
To request your free fire permit call your local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Office.
Rocky Mountain House - 403.845.8581
Drayton Valley - 780.542.6616
Sundre - 403.638.3805

Fire permits help us track what is burning on the landscape. By getting a fire permit and following the fire permit conditions you help keep our firefighters free to fight existing wildfires and any new wildfires that may start.

Thanks for doing your part to prevent wildfires


Barry A. Shellian RPFT
Wildfire Information Officer
Rocky Wildfire Management Area
Department of Agriculture and Forestry
P 403.845.8351
May the forest be with you