Rocky Mountain House Area Update

Wildfire Hazard is high in the Rocky Wildfire Management Area

Posted on Sun, Jun 07, 2015


Rocky Wildfire Management Area Summary:

The Wildfire Hazard for the Rocky Wildfire Management Area has increased to High.  

Currently there are three wildfires in Rocky Wildfire Management Area. One is being held and two are under control.

Provincial Summary:

Threre are currently 40 wildfires burning across the Forest Protection Area of the Province. More than  13,00 firefighters and 149 Helicopters are postitioned across the province 

Fire restrictions and bans are still in place across certain portions of the province.  For more information please visit


You can prevent your campfire from turning into a wildfire by soaking the ashes until they are cool to the touch.

When riding your off-highway vehicle, stop frequently to check hot areas for debris. Remove the debris and soak it to prevent a wildfire from starting.


 For more information contact:

Barrry Shellian
Wildfire Information Officer
Cell: 403 845 0521