Rocky Mountain House Area Update

Rocky Wildfire Update - June 26th

Posted on Mon, Jun 26, 2017

GFX-HSB-WildfireDangerUpdate-VeryHigh.jpgThe wildfire hazard for the Rocky Forest Area (RFA) is HIGH.
Due to strong, gusty winds and increased temperature the Wildfire Hazard in the Rocky Forest Area is Very High


Rocky Forest Area:
There are currently no wildfires in the Rocky Forest Area
Provincial Situation:
There are currently 9 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. 1 wildfire is out of control, 3 are being held, 3 are under control and 2 have been turned over to the responsible parties.
Since March 1, 2017, Alberta has recorded 567 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area that have burned a total of 2,533.12 hectares.

Recent amendments to the Forest and Prairie Protection Act include fines for abandoning campfires as well as for using fireworks and exploding targets in forested areas. Learn more about updates to the act and fine amounts here.

Don't forget to get your free fire permit for fireworks. Fire permits are required when igniting fireworks in the Forest Protection Area. 
To obtain your free fire permit, please call your local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Office- 310-0000

During the Fire Season a fire permit is required for any burning in the Forest Protection Area -excluding campfires. 

Fire permits help us to track what is burning on the landscape and if you are burning without a fire permit or outside your fire permit conditions, your fire is considered a wildfire. By getting a fire permit you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

Did you know? An Off-Highway vehicle exhaust can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius. That means it won't take long for that wet and muddy debris to dry up, start smouldering and fall onto the ground as you drive away. You can help reduce your chance of starting a wildfire by stopping frequently to remove any build up of debris from the hot spots on your machine.


Use caution and please call 310-FIRE (3473) if you see smoke in a forested area.

Download the Alberta Wildfire app for Apple or Android devices. 
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