Rocky Mountain House Area Update

Rocky Wildfire Update

Posted on Tue, Apr 19, 2016


Rocky Mountain House Forest Area will be conducting a prescribed fire in the Wapiabi. Below is a map detailing the prescribed fire area and associated closure.  The area will be closed from today until Friday.


There likely will be smoke lingering in the area for some time afterwards. The area will be monitored following Prescribed Fire Operations.

Wapiabi - Prescribed Fire

  • Size 500 hectares
  • 25 km North-West of Nordegg
  • Establish fuel break in the Wapiabi Gap area
  • Improve ungulate habitat



The Wildfire Hazard remains Extreme in the Rocky Forest Area.  Extreme caution should be used if working or recreating in the forest.

You may be wondering why a Prescribed Fire during an Extreme Wildfire Hazard?

  • The Wapiabi Prescribed Fire is located in the Mountains.
  • Currently Conditions are favorable for prescribed fire on dry South-West facing Slopes.
  • Other aspects (North and East facing) slopes are still cold and wet (some still have snow cover).
  • Ideal time for a safe and successful Prescribed Fire requiring few resources.
  • Typically when conditions are favorable for Prescribed fire in the Mountians we often are experiencing a High Fire Hazard elsewhere.


A Wildfire Advisory remains in Effect for the Rocky Forest Area.

  • No new Fire permits will be issued
  • Existing permits have been canceled
  • Safe Campfires are allowed - Ensure your campfire is out - Soak it, Stir it, Soak it Again.
  • Although SAFE CAMPFIRES are allowed we recommend NO BURNING until weather conditions change!

The Advisory will remain in effect until conditions improve. 

Provincial Wildfire Status can be reached at the link below. 


Kristofer Heemeryck

Wildfire Prevention Officer

Forestry Division, Agriculture and Forestry

Rocky Mtn House Forest Area