Rocky Mountain House Area Update

Spreading Creek Update

Posted on Tue, Mar 17, 2015

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Spreading Creek Wildfire
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development continues to monitor and manage the Spreading Creek wildfire which continues to burn and is considered under control at 8 972 hectares. The boundaries of the wildfire have been completely extinguished, allowing the wildfire to continue to burn in some spots safely within the perimenter.  Firefighters are monitoring and managing the wildfire and will continue to until it is out.

Wildfire is natural and creates forest diversity. Fire recycles nutrients, helps plants reproduce creating a mosaic of habitat for animals like moose, deer and bears. The regrowth in the coming years will benefit the entire ecosystem.

Firefighters continue to monitor the wildfire, but if you spot heavy smoke or open flame, please report it to 310-FIRE

We want Albertans to enjoy this picturesque area safely. It is also important for hikers to also use a check in/check out system with the lack of service in the area. Stay safe out there!

Before you burn it, get your permit
As of March 1st, Albertans in the forested areas need to get a fire permit for any burning, except campfires. To request your free fire permit contact your local Environment and Sustainable Resource Development office at:

Rocky Mountain House: 403.845.8581
Drayton Valley: 780.542.6616
Sundre: 403.638.3805
Toll free elsewhere: 301.0000

Please do plan ahead and request your permit at least three days before you'd like to burn. Also, here are three ways you can be prepared for your site inspection with one of our patrolman:
1) prepare your burn site according to the burn site guidelines
2) know the legal land location of your burn site
3) have a phone number we can call you back on if needed

Check your winter burns
Go back and check your winter burns and ensure they are extinguished. Winter fires can smolder under the snow all winter long and emerge as a wildfire in the spring when conditions are warm and dry.

When checking your winter burns, spread around any remaining debris and dig deep in the ashes to check for heat. A fire is not extinguished until there is absolutely no heat emanating from the ashes. Douse with water until no heat or steam can be felt or seen. Click here to learn more on how to prevent your winter burn from becoming a wildfire.

For more information about wildfires in Alberta
- Download the free Alberta Wildfire app for any Apple product from the iTunes store and for android users, this app is also available from the Google Play store.
- Visit us at
- Check for fire advisories, restrictions, firebans and forest closures at
- Follow us on Twitter or Facebook
- Visit the ESRD blog

Barry A. Shellian RPFT
Wildfire Ranger / Information Officer
Rocky Mountain House Wildfire Management Area

May the Forest be with you