Peace River Area Update

Peace River Forest Area Update - July 21, 2019

Posted on Sun, Jul 21, 2019



Lightning season is upon us and there have been numerous new lightning caused wildfires over the last week.  Please help us get to them quickly by calling 310-FIRE to report wildfires.


WILDFIRE UPDATE (current as of 7 pm on July 21, 2019)

There have been 109 wildfires this fire season in the Peace River Forest Area, all but 6 of which have now been extinguished:

Battle Complex- PCX-001 (formerly PWF 052 and 054):

This lightning caused fire is now UNDER CONTROL at 55,179 hectares in size in the Manning/Notikewin area. 

Thanks to the hard work of firefighters, aircraft and heavy equipment, 100% of the fire perimeter is now considered to be contained. A combination of crews and aerial resources continue to target and action the hot spots.  The perimeter of the fire is regularly being scanned in order to locate hot spots for the firefighters to work on extinguishing. 

Battle Complex Map

Other Wildfire Updates (changes since last update in bold):
PWF 092 has been turned over to the landowner at 0.10 hectares in size.
PWF 099 is under control at 27 hectares in size, 7 kms west of Simon Lakes.
PWF 105 has been turned over to the landowner at 0.01 hectares in size.
PWF 107 is now under control at 1.69 hectares in size 25 kms northwest of Keg River.
PWF 108 is now under control at 5.48 hectares in size 33 kms west of Paddle Prairie.  This fire has been boxed in by retardant and numerous firefighters and helicopters have been working throughout the day to control this fire.  Crews will be on site again tomorrow morning.
Lookout observers and ground and air patrols have been keeping watch for any new wildfire starts.  Firefighters, aircraft and heavy equipment have been strategically prepositioned throughout the Peace Forest Area in order to be ready for a dispatch to action any new starts as quickly as possible.   
Active Wildfires in Adjacent Forest Areas:

For updates on fires in the High Level Forest Area, please visit 

For updates on fires in the Slave Lake Forest Area, please visit 

For information on the wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit:

For your safety and the safety of the numerous firefighters working to contain these wildfires, please obey the access restrictions and stay out of the area.




For information on evacuation alerts, visit Alberta Emergency Alert or download the free Alberta Emergency Alert app.

72 hour emergency preparedness kit      


For information on road closures and other access related hazards, visit Alberta 511 or download the free Alberta 511 app.


Smoke may drift into the area intermittently. Anyone with health concerns should check with Alberta Health Services or call 811 for 24/7 health advice from Alberta Health Link. For a smoke forecast map, visit Wildfire Smoke Forecasts for Western Canada .  

Smoke from wildfires in northern Alberta may also cause reduced visibility. Please turn your vehicle headlights from auto to on when driving. For further information on air quality, visit:


For your own safety and the safety of firefighters, please do not enter burned over areas, as the roots of burned trees are weakened and can fall without any wind. Firefighters may also still be working in the area and be unaware of your presence.



There are currently no firebans, restrictions or advisories in place in the Peace River Forest Area.

That said, it is always important to burn safely and ensure you have an active fire permit.

PLEASE NOTE: Nearby municipalities may still have advisories, restrictions or firebans in place.  Please check for more information.



Within the Forest Protection Area, fire permits are required for all burning with the exception of warming or cooking fires.  Please call the Peace River Forest Area office at 780-624-6190 to acquire your free fire permit.




Ensure your campfire is completely extinguished.  Soak it.  Stir it.  Soak It Again. Repeat until your fire is cool to the touch.

Ensure your OHV is debris free and that you keep dried grasses and other debris from collecting near the hot parts of your OHV such as the muffler, exhaust, under your seat, in the wheel wells, engine and manifold.

And as always, call 310-FIRE to report wildfires.



You can protect your home from wildfire

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Or contact:

Crystal Burrows 

Wildfire Information Officer

(780) 618-6215

Report Wildfires 310-FIRE (3743)