High Level Area Update

High Level Wildfire Update May 23, 2019

Posted on Thu, May 23, 2019


The wildfire danger for the High Level Forest Area has climbed to Extreme. Due to warmer temperatures, gusty winds and no significant rainfall in the forecast. A Fire Ban and Off-Highway Vehicle Restriction is now in effect. Please use caution in the forested areas. To report a wildfire please call 310-FIRE. 

Ignition ops May23 4

(Firefighters continue to carry out ignition operations along the northeast side of the fire perimeter)



  • The Chuckegg Creek Fire remains approximately 3 km southwest of the Town of High Level and is classified as Out of Control (OC). The last recorded size is approximately 97, 600 hectares.
  • Today, firefighters continued a controlled burn operation to create a containment boundary along highway 35 south of High Level, and west along highway 58, as conditions allowed to do so.
  • Alberta Wildfire firefighters in conjunction with municipal firefighting resources, along with air support from helicopters and air tankers continue to focus containment efforts around the fire perimeter south of High Level. With current weather conditions firefighters continue to be effective, due to lighter winds out of the northeast. This in result continues to aid crews on further protecting power line poles west and south of the Town of High Level. The main area of spread remains away from town.
  • Heavy equipment has been working along the northeast side of the fire and continues to make progress on consolidating a guard around the fire perimeter. They have built approximately 8 km’s of containment line.
  • The High Level Fire Department and other municipal firefighters have completed structure protection on the southwest side of town and has been completed on the northwest side of the town. In addition, structural protection has been completed on Mackenzie County homes southeast of High Level, Tolko and Norbord.
  • Structural firefighters have also been taking preventive measures on homes. This includes removing debris from yards, removing patio furniture from decks and other flammable material.
  • There are 154 structural firefighters that continue to establish and maintain structural protection on homes in the Town of High Level and on other critical values at risk within Mackenzie County. Alberta Wildfire has 143, firefighters along with 28 helicopters on this fire. There are more resources arriving daily.
  • Atco has temporary restored power to Mackenzie County, Town of High Level, La Crete, Fort Vermilion & Dene Tha’ First Nation. The goal is to restore permanent reliable service as quickly & safely as possible. Power may be intermittent at this time.

The next update will be at 11 AM, or if conditions change.

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Town of High Level | Update 

The Town of High Level has issued an Evacuation Order for the town as of May 20, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. For more info please continue to monitor the Town of High Level Website at www.highlevel.ca, call 780-926-2201 or visit Alberta Emergency Alert for more updates.

We ask evacuees if you have not already registered please do so at one of the following Evacuation Centres:

Slave Lake Legacy Centre
400 6 Ave NE, Slave Lake, AB
Phone: 780-843-5651.

Gordon Buchanan Centre
5409-49 Street, High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0

Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC)
10726-106 Ave (Signage is posted), Grande Prairie, AB

Misery Mountain Ski Resort
10408-89 Street, Peace River, AB

La Crete Heritage Centre 
15411 Twp Rd 1060, south of La Crete  

Fort Vermilion Community Cultural Complex 
(5001-44 Ave. in Fort Vermilion)

If you are unable to register at one of the above locations please call 780-502-0778. If you contact this number and have left a voicemail please recall to insure you are registered.

Animal Control has arrived and are collecting household pets that have been left behind in High Level and area. All the collected pets will be moved to a safe and secure location outside of the Town of High Level. If you have left your house hold pet behind please contact 780-926-2201

For general inquires please contact 780-926-2201. (It will be monitored 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.)

Mackenzie County | Update

The mandatory evacuation for Mackenzie County rural residents south and southeast of the Town of High Level and the Town of High Level remains in effect. All evacuees are welcome at the Reception Centres located at the La Crete Heritage Centre (15411- TWP RD 1060, south of La Crete) and at the Fort Vermilion Community Cultural Complex (5001-44 Avenue). If you haven’t already registered and you are an evacuee, please call (780) 502-0778.

Mackenzie County in collaboration with the Town of High Level and the Dene Tha' First Nation is focusing on the needs of the evacuees.

The Mackenzie County Incident Command Centre is open at the Fort Vermilion County office (4511-46 Avenue) from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the phone number for inquiries is (780) 927-3718.

For all public notifications, please follow the Mackenzie County Facebook page.

Alberta Transportation

Alberta Transportation has closed highway 35 south of High Level as well as highway 58 west, due to the Chuckegg Creek Wildfire (HWF042). To stay informed on all road closure info visit the Alberta Transportation website or download the mobile app.

Smoke Issues

Smoke from the Chuckegg Creek wildfire is affecting far distances in our area. Including; Rainbow Lake, Fort Vermilion and La Crete. If you are experiencing health related smoke issues please contact your doctor or Alberta Health Services.


There is one active wildfire in the High Level Forest Area. The Chuckegg Creek Fire remains Out of Control (OC) at 92, 000 hectares. To see a map of all fire locations and statuses within the High Level Forest Area please click here.

The High Level Forest Area has lookout observers on high alert diligently scanning the forest fore new fires. Firefighters with helicopters are also prepositioned around the area ready to respond to any new wildfire starts.



As of 6:00 p.m. on May 16, 2019, a Fire Ban and Off-Highway Vehicle Restriction is in effect for the High Level Forest Area. Due to warmer temperatures, gusty winds and no significant rain in the forecast. The ban and restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve. All fire permits are suspended and no new fire permits will be issued.


  • All open fires including campfires in campgrounds, backcountry and random camping areas and backyard fire pits.
  • Charcoal briquettes, turkey fryers and tiki torches.
  • Fireworks and exploding targets.
  • The use of off-highway vehicles for recreational use on all public lands.


  • Portable propane fire pits that are CSA approved or UL certified.
  • Gas or propane stoves and barbecues that are CSA approved or UL certified and are designed for cooking or heating.
  • Catalytic or infrared-style heaters.

Visit albertafirebans.ca for more information or download the new Alberta Fire Bans mobile app.


Download the new Alberta fire ban app, available for Android and Apple devices, to make planning your next outdoor adventure a breeze!

Features include:

  • Push notification settings for specific geographic areas.
  • Three distinct categories - fire bans, restrictions and advisories.
  • Up-to-date data sourced directly from provincial fire authorities.
  • Provides data from last time opened even without data or WiFi.


Victoria Ostendorf

Wildfire Information Officer

High Level Forest Area

Call - 310-4455

Mobile: 1-866-394-3743



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