Grande Prairie Area Update

Grande Prairie Forest Area Wildfire Update - January 10, 2017

Posted on Tue, Jan 10, 2017


Fire Season begins March 1, 2017.

The current wildfire hazard for the Grande Prairie region is LOW. There are no active wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area.

The 2016 fire season saw 73 fires burn a total of 137 hectares in the Grande Prairie Forest Area. These fires have all been extinguished. Thank you to all those who helped prevent wildfires last year by respecting fire and OHV bans, properly extinguishing campfires and taking precautions while recreating in forested areas.

Throughout the province a total of 1356 fires burned 611,476.52 hectares in 2016.

If you spot smoke or fire in forested areas call 310-FIRE immediately to report it.


Winter Burning

Fire permits are not required in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta between October 31 and March 1. If you are planning on doing any burning it is still important to check with your local municipality or county as many have winter burning bylaws and notification systems in place. Check your piles periodically and ensure that they are completely extinguished.

Be aware of the potential impacts that smoke from winter burning can have. Before igniting piles consider your neighbours, those in the area who may have breathing or other health concerns and any nearby highways or roads where visibility could be impacted creating a hazard for drivers.

Fire permits will once again be required in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta as of March 1, 2017.

Alberta Wildfire is hiring

Are you looking for an exciting seasonal employment opportunity? Alberta Wildfire has a variety of seasonal positions from fire detection, lookout observers, logistics and dispatch. With offices throughout the province there are plenty of options for positions and placement. 

Find job descriptions, deadlines and application information here.

Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province by downloading the Alberta Wildfire app for Android or Apple devices.

For more information contact:

Melinda Paplawski | Wildfire Information Officer
Grande Prairie Forest Area
Mobile: (780) 933-1929

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