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Significant rain lowers wildfire hazard in Grande Prairie


describe the imageThe wet weather has produced a LOW to MODERATE fire hazard for the Grande Prairie Area. This year 64 wildfires have been recorded burning 4, 318 hectares.

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Fall is a time of year when grass and fallen leaves will cure. Sunshine and wind increase the hazard for surface or grass fires. As well, the Drought Code for our northern areas is rated Very High to Extreme. Hunters, campers and farmers need to be mindful with fires and ATV/machinery exhaust. If you do have a fire please make sure it is on mineral soil, is contained, and not left unattended. Remember to Soak it, Stir it and Soak it again! 

Did you know you need a permit to do any burning?  Except for a campfire, Permits are required and available free from your Grande Prairie ESRD office. Permits help us know where and when to expect smoke in the forest protection area. And they keep us from dropping in on you unnecessarily. For a free permit call 780 538-5560

Check burned sites for possible hold-over fires. Under drought conditions deep litter beds and even organic soils may dry out and become combustible. Lightning strikes or improper extinguished fires can flash back to life, especially during a wind event. It is advised to check and re-check for hold-over fires by digging deep into the ashes and feeling for heat.

Thanks for doing your part to prevent wildfire, if you spot a fire call 310-FIRE!

For more information contact: Kelly Burke| Wildfire Information Officer Grande Prairie Wildfire Management Area 780-538-5327 (office) | 780-832-7235 (mobile)

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