Grande Prairie Area Update

Wildfire Update March 16, 2018 - Grande Prairie Forest Area

Posted on Fri, Mar 16, 2018


As of March 1, 2018 permits are required in the forest protection area. In the Grande Prairie Forest Area call (780) 538-5560 for information and to obtain a fire permit.

  • There are currently 16 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. Three are under control and 10 have been turned over to the responsible parties. 
  • Since March 1, 2018, Alberta has recorded 13 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area that have burned a total of 1.80 hectares.

For more information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit the Alberta wildfire status map.


Check your winter burning! Is it completely extinguished? 

As snow cover retreats its a good idea to check your burn pile. Spread out remaining ash and unburnt fuel, probe the area for hot spots. Using your hand, feel for heat over the ash pile and probe. If you see smoke or feel heat, the fire is still burning beneath the surface. Drench any remaining hot spots with water and stir up the ashes. Return to check the burn site and ensure that there is no lingering heat or smoke.

Spring fires can easily be prevented by taking the time to properly extinguish winter campfires and checking brush piles. Use water or snow to soak the fire, stir it up, and soak it again. If you can still feel heat coming from the fire it is not extinguished.

Find more information on safe burning practices for brush piles and windrows here.



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Kelly Burke | Wildfire Information Officer
Mobile: (780) 832 7235



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