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Wildfire Season Starts Today - March 1, 2017

Posted on Wed, Mar 01, 2017


Wildfire season begins today.

Protecting Albertans from the threat of wildfire is one of our highest priorities. That’s why March 1 is now legislated as the start of wildfire season. See the announcement here.

As of March 1, 2017 any burning larger than a small cooking or warming fire within the Forest Protection Area will once again require a permit. In the Grande Prairie Forest Area phone (780) 538-5560 for more information and to obtain a fire permit from one of our fire guardians. Those living in the County of Grande Prairie can find information about County fire coding and permits here.


The current wildfire hazard for the Grande Prairie region is LOW. There are no active wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area. Since the 2016 wildfire season ended on October 31 firefighters have responded to and extinguished two wildfires in the Grande Prairie Forest Area which burned a combined 0.11 hectares.

Throughout the province a total of 1356 fires burned 611,476.52 hectares in the 2016 wildfire season.

If you spot smoke or fire in forested areas call 310-FIRE immediately to report it.

Winter Burning

Ensure your winter burning is completely extinguished. Check your burn sites for smoke, flame or smouldering. Stir up the debris and search for hot spots that may be buried in the debris or even in the ground and use water or snow to soak it, stir it, and soak it again. Return to check the burn site and ensure that there is no lingering heat or smoke.

Find more information on safe burning practices for brush piles and windrows here.


Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t start a wildfire.

Winter campfires can burn deep into the ground even underneath the snow and ice. Given the right conditions these fires can then emerge in the spring after the snow melts and the grass dries and start a wildfire when the hazard is often very high.

These spring fires can easily be prevented by taking the time to properly extinguish winter campfires. Use water or snow to soak the fire, stir it up, and soak it again. If you can still feel heat coming from the fire it is not extinguished.

Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province by downloading the Alberta Wildfire app for Android or Apple devices.

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For more information contact:

Melinda Paplawski | Wildfire Information Officer
Grande Prairie Forest Area
Mobile: (780) 933-1929

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