Grande Prairie Area Update

Rainfall moves Grande Prairie wildfire hazard to LOW

Posted on Tue, Aug 23, 2016


The fire hazard for the Grande Prairie area is currently LOW. While many parts of our region have seen significant amounts of rainfall recently it is important to remember that some areas may be experiencing drier conditions than others.

If you are camping or recreating in a forested area please do your part to prevent wildfire and always make sure you have completely put out your campfire before you leave it. Soak it, stir it, soak it again - If you can still feel heat coming from it, it is not extinguished.

So far this season there have been 69 fires in the Grande Prairie forest area that have burned a total of 138.59 hectares. If you spot smoke or fire in forested areas call 310-FIRE immediately to report it.

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Melinda Paplawski | Wildfire Information Officer
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Grande Prairie Forest Area
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