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Edson Forest Area Wildfire Update - February 11, 2022

Posted on Fri, Feb 11, 2022


Be advised that the area is experiencing warm temperatures and gusty winds. These conditions may melt the snow quickly and expose dry debris. Wind can blow embers into nearby fuels and cause a wildfire. Use extra caution if burning.

Starting March 1, a fire permit will be required for all burning, with the exception of a campfire, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta. All existing burn projects will need to be extinguished before wildfire season.

If you see smoke or flame and suspect it's a wildfire, contact 310-FIRE.

6 Feb 7 Winter Burning You may see smoke or flame from mountain pine beetle contractors, land owners and industry representatives who are currently burning when conditions allow.


The wildfire danger in the Edson Forest Area remains LOW.


Fire season starts in less then a month and now may be a good time to plan your burning projects. Starting March 1, fire permits are required for any burning, except campfires, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.

Following safe burning practices will help prevent holdover fires that can start spring wildfires. Although snow helps reduce the risk of the fire burning into the ground, we recommend that you check all fall and winter burn sites often to ensure that the fire is out. Walk the burn area and roll over any debris to check for hot spots. The best way to find hotspots is to look for visible signs of burning such as melting snow around the edges, touch the burn area with your hands and smell for smoke. 

Here are a few things to consider when burning this winter:

-Monitor wind and snow levels as they may change suddenly. Wind can pick up sparks or embers and start a wildfire if the conditions are right.

-Ensure you have sufficient firefighting equipment at the burn site.

-As with any burning, do not attempt to burn more than you can control.

-Actively manage burn projects to reduce disposal time and smoke impacts. Continually re-pile if needed. Burning debris in stages will allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions and reduce smoke. Lower temperatures and lighter wind speeds can result in stronger inversions. The ideal conditions for burning are typically days with no inversions, average temperatures and a slight wind.

-Please don’t hesitate to consult with local municipalities, Alberta Transportation or Alberta Wildfire on how to mitigate impacts when undertaking larger winter burning projects near communities or roadways. You can also visit alberta.ca for additional information.

-All burn piles must be fully extinguished before the start of wildfire season.

To assist the Edson Forest Area, please report your winter burning by contacting the dispatch line directly (780) 723-8507 (leave a voice message) or by email at wf.wfops-edsn@gov.ab.ca with the following:

  • name of landowner burning or company and representative name

  • phone number in case of emergency

  • legal land description or latitude/longitude

For more information regarding winter burning, you can view our video by clicking here or viewing our Brush Piles and Windrows information pamphlet.

Prevent Spring Wildfires Video (edson) cropped


Since January 1, 2022, there has been one wildfire in the Edson Forest Area burning a total of 5 ha.

2021 - EWF075 is UNDER CONTROL. The wildfire was detected in 2021 and is located 9 km west of Evansburg, north of highway 16 and west of highway 22. The wildfire is 175 hectares in size and is currently under investigation. There is no threat to any communities at this time. The wildfire will be monitored as needed until it is classified as extinguished. To understand what the wildfire classifications mean, visit our website by clicking here.

To view the wildfires on a map, download the new AB Wildfire Status App.


Since January 1, 2022 in the Forest Protection Area, there has been one wildfire burning a total of 5 ha.  

For more information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit wildfirestatus.alberta.ca

Start of wildfire season 2022


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For more information, please contact:

Caroline Charbonneau
Wildfire Information Officer | Edson Forest Area
Cell:  780-740-1341