Edson Area Update

Wildfire Season Starts March 1 - Edson Forest Area Update 

Posted on Thu, Mar 01, 2018

Wildfire season is officially here! This means that you need a permit for any burning in the Forest Protection Area other than a campfire. Contact your local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry office to get your free fire permits. 

This is a great time to check on any burns that you did this winter - piles, windrows, debris - to make sure the fire is extinguished.  Often winter burns can dig down into the duff, smouldering and burning under the snow.  In a few weeks, when the snow melts and the spring winds pick up, winter burns left unattended can come back to life.  Test your burn site by inserting a metal rod into the ashes.  If it's hot to the touch, your fire is still active. For more information visit our blog on the five tips for safe burning practices

Alberta Wildfire looks forward to working with everyone again this season as we share the responsibility for wildfire prevention. Thanks for doing your part to prevent wildfire.


One of the methods we use to control Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) from spreading is to cut and burn infested trees. Crews will be working this winter throughout the Edson Forest Area. 

Safety first. Burning will only commence when the forecasted weather and on-the-ground conditions allow for a safe, controlled burn.

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This bulletin will be issued weekly until the wildfire hazard level increases.  

For more information, please contact:

Joan Simonton, Wildfire Information Officer
Edson Forest Area



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