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Edson Forest Area - Wildfire Update - October 3, 2019

Posted on Thu, Oct 03, 2019


The wildfire danger in the Edson Forest Area is LOW. Always extinguish your campfire and never leave it unattended.  If you see smoke or flame in the forest, call 310-FIRE.

2019 Burn EU01

Prescribed fire is one of a number of fuel management tools that can be used to reduce the potential for unwanted wildfire in and around communities and across landscapes. When conditions are favorable, highly trained firefighters may be doing some burns in high susceptible areas this fall.

Rainfall and cool temperatures will keep the Wildfire Danger at LOW in the Edson Forest Area, we ask that you use extreme caution at all times when working and recreating in the outdoors.

Remember to always fully extinguish your campfire and never leave it unattended.  Knock the hotspots off your OHV and if you see smoke or flame in the forest, report it to 310-FIRE (3473).


The Edson Forest Area (EFA) currently has 0 active wildfires.

Since March 1, 2019, there have been 61 wildfires in the EFA which has burnt approximately 265 ha.  To view the provincial wildfire map, visit our website by clicking here.


Alberta's wildfire season begins March 1st and is effective until October 31st.  During fire season, you must obtain a fire permit if you plan on burning in the Forest Protection Area, with the exception of a campfire.

Some of the reasons you require a permit:

  • Helps keep track of burning, more importantly, smoke and flame.
  • When lookout observers report a smoke, fire fighters aren't dispatched unnecessarily when they could be needed elsewhere.
  • Allows opportunities to give tips on safe burning techniques.

To obtain your free fire permit, contact your local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry office or phone toll-free 310-0000 to locate your nearest office.

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Now is a good time to do some simple Firesmarting around your home to prepare for the spring.  Here are a few tips to get your started:

  • Clear your gutters of debris.
  • Mow your grass short and rake up the leaves.
  • Move your firewood and other combustible materials a minimum of 10m from any structure. 

The FireSmart Canada website has great information and a series of educational videos that can help you understand the importance of FireSmart and how you can participate.  The FireSmart Begins at Home Manual also includes an easy Home Assessment which is a great place to start!  You can also contact your local Forestry Office to learn more about initiatives in your community.


Even with cooler temperatures and potential snow on the ground, wildfires are still a concern.  If you're having a campfire this hunting season, please make sure you follow these safe campfire tips:

  • Ensure you check under the snow, chose a hard packed site. Gravel or sandy soils are best.
  • Keep your campfire small and out of the wind.
  • Avoid vegetation like tall grass and low laying branches.

Campfires can smolder in the ground for days, even weeks.  Warmer temperatures and wind can flare a smoldering campfire, causing a wildfire.  Always make sure your campfire is fully extinguished. Soak it, stir it and soak it again!


Since March 1, 2019, Alberta has recorded 975 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta that have burned a total of 883,410.45 hectares.

Fire Danger Rating: low to moderate over the province.

For more information on the current wildfire situation across the province of Alberta, visit wildfirestatus.alberta.ca

Hunting Campfire


Albertans are always asked to use caution when out working or enjoying the forest.


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For more information, contact:
Caroline Charbonneau
Wildfire Information Officer
Edson Forest Area
(C): 780-740-1341
(E): caroline.charbonneau@gov.ab.ca

Between the dates of Sept 18th and October 7th, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Provincial Information Officer: 1-866-394-3473 or by email wildfireinfo@gov.ab.ca



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