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Edson Forest Area update - April 19, 2017

Posted on Fri, Mar 31, 2017


Before you burn it, get a permit

It's wildfire season which means fire permits are now required for burning within the Forest Protection Area (excluding campfires). To obtain a free permit, visit firepermits.alberta.ca or call toll free 310-0000.  

Fire permits ensure safe burning practices that will help prevent your fire from becoming a wildfire. Fire permits allow staff to know where burning is approved so firefighters are free to fight wildfires instead of responding to the smoke from your brush pile or burn barrel.

And remember to follow the conditions on the back of your permit! 

ABW_Hubspot_Postcard_600x300 WEB.jpg

FPPA-825123-edited.pngIn fall of last year, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry passed legislation to enhance wildfire prevention, to deter risky behaviour and give wildland firefighters more tools to keep Albertans and their communities safe.


Please visit our website for full details on the new regulations. 

Edson Forest Area (EFA) conditions

Currently there are no wildfires in the EFA. For the next several days temperatures are expected to will remain at or below seasonal values. However, as the snow disappears dry grass and other fine fuels like those found on road and railway right-of-ways, powerlines and meadows will dry out quickly and begin to pose a higher wildfire danger.

To report a wildfire, call 310-FIRE (3473).

Provincial Summary (April 19)

  • There are currently seven wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta.
  • Three are under control and four have been turned over to the responsible party.
  • Since March 1, 2017 there have been 59 new wildfires in the Forest Protection of Alberta that have burned a total of 132.37 hectares.

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